Birth Control Alternatives

What is Birth Control?

Birth control is a method of controlling pregnancy. With the help of medicines, surgery, and other methods. Some of the treatments are reversible and some are permanent. Sexually transmitted diseases can also be prevented by using such medicines. Some birth control types include intrauterine devices, pills, condoms, and vasectomy. Birth control should be used in the correct manner as per the prescription else it will not work.

Cost of Birth Control

The cost of birth control pills ranges between $0 and $50. These pills are free if people have an insurance plan as most of the plans provide these pills for free. You can also get it for free or at a cheap price if you come under any government program. You need to get a prescription from a doctor or nurse to get the benefits of the pills.

Why Birth Control alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages of taking birth control pills. Some of them are as follows −

  • Nausea

  • Headaches

  • Weight gain

  • Mood fluctuation

  • Depression

These side effects are just to name a few. Besides this, there are a few others. Some of them persist while many of them are eliminated with time.

How to choose a Birth Control Alternative?

Birth control has many advantages and we will list some of them here −

  • Periods can become regular

  • Stop taking pill to become pregnant again

  • Prevents ovarian cysts

  • Skin is cleaned

  • Unwanted hair growth on the skin is prevented

  • Hormones will be balanced to prevent Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Top 10 Birth Control Alternatives

There are many alternatives to birth control and some of them are discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 – Diaphragm

Diaphragm is a cup made up of silicone which can cover the cervix by inserting it into the vagina. Spermicide should also be put into the cup before insertion. Diaphragm can be used many times in sexual intercourse. It is better that doctors should fit these diaphragms and they will be effective for two years

Alternative 2 – Cervical Cap

Cervical cap is another alternative for birth control. A cervical cup has to inserted in the vagina over the cervix. It is smaller in size in comparison to diaphragm. There are no hormones in cervical cap and it can be inserted easily before sex. It can be used safely for two years. A spermicide should always be used before starting intercourse.

Alternative 3 – Spermicides

Spermicides have to be placed in the vagina before starting sexual intercourse. This will prevent the entry of sperms in the uterus. These products are available in the form of gel creams, and suppositories. They are more effective when used with cervical cap or diaphragm. It has been reported that there is 21% failure if it is used alone.

Alternative 4 – Male and Female Condoms

Male latex condoms can be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is estimated that condoms show 98% effectiveness if they are used correctly. But in reality, they are only 85% effective so there are chances of pregnancy. Male condom is available at an affordable price and is safe and convenient to use. No prescription is required to use a male condom.

Alternative 5 – Sponge

Plastic foam is used in order to develop sponge. This sponge consists of spermicide which is used to eliminate sperms when they are ejaculated during sex. The sponge has to be inserted into the vagina before starting sexual intercourse. It also has a nylon loop which can be used to remove it. No prescription is required to use it. Sponge can be found in almost all medical stores. Sponge covers the whole cervix and helps in preventing pregnancy.

Alternative 6 – Phexxi

Phexxi is a method of birth control that does not depend on hormones. It is available in the form of gel which is applied to the vagina for an hour before starting sexual intercourse. It lowers down the pH level in the vagina to prevent pregnancy. The instructions have to be strictly followed so that Phlexxi can show its effectiveness.

Alternative 7 – Paragard

Paragard is a brand name that provides an intrauterine device which has to be inserted by a doctor. The device is free from hormones and can prevent pregnancy for up to 12 years. People who want to prevent pregnancy for a long time can use this device. They do not have to use such devices that are effective for a few days to a month after the device is inserted. If people want to become pregnant, they can ask their doctor to remove the device.

Alternative 8 – Sterilization

Sterilization is a method which can be used for permanent birth control. Surgery is needed for sterilization. It is a difficult task to reverse it. Tubal ligation surgery is conducted for women while vasectomy surgery is done to men.

Alternative 9 – Progestin

Progestin is a pill which consists of a hormone with the same name. These pills help in the thickening of mucus which prevents the sperms to reach the eggs. The pills also help in thinning the lines of uterus. This reduces menstrual bleeding. The pill has to be taken once each day. A prescription from a doctor is needed to use the pills.

Alternative 10 – Vaginal Gel

Vaginal gel has to be applied by using an applicator. The gel has to be applied before starting sexual intercourse. It is better to use the gel in combination with other methods like cervical caps, condoms, and diaphragms. The gel has to be applied for each intercourse.


Birth control can be done by taking pills. There are many alternatives to birth control which can be applied to prevent pregnancy. Some of them can be used without a doctor's prescription like condoms. Cervical caps and diaphragms have to be inserted into the vagina before sex. Some methods or short-term while a few are for long-term. Some of these methods are reversible while others are permanent like sterilization.

Updated on: 07-Jun-2023


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