Being a girl, where should I get a Tattoo done on my body and why?

Although Tattoos have taken the world by storm, it still remains a big question mark for many of us. There are a number of people who have tattoos all over their body. Not many may really follow suit but would like a tattoo or two in some special place on the body. Deciding on a tattoo is a long term or lifelong decision as it is not something that can be erased easily.

How do you decide where to get a tattoo done? Being a girl there are many choices, however, which one is the best!


These look really appealing with a short dress or capris or shorts. Many women get an ankle tattoo done as it enhances their foot feature. To top it all, it is not difficult to hide it either.

Inner Wrist

A popular choice for many girls, too many it is almost like a little secret. It looks really great and if you are not keen on showing it off, you can hide it pretty well too.

Inner Arms

Again this is a popular choice for many women across. Most women usually have their loved one's name engraved here or a very specific tattoo that means something to them personally. It is an area that is very personal for a girl.


This is another popular spot for most women to get their favorite tattoo done. You can flaunt it in an off shoulder blouse or dress or simply sport a great deep cut tee to show it off. They really bring out that spunk in you.


If you are really into big tattoos, then placing on your back is just the thing to do. It gives the artist plenty of room to draw your favorite tattoo. You can choose to cover the entire back or trail it slightly downward or sideways of the back. It looks gorgeous with a swimsuit or on a beach.

Back of the Neck

You must have seen plenty of celebrities sporting a tattoo on the back of their neck. It highlights the neck area and makes it look really cool. You can choose to hide it by letting your hair down too.


Many women substitute the ring spaces on the finger with amazing tattoos. These designs are actually so unique; you do not need any accessories.

Full Body

People, especially artists, riders, etc. convert their body into a canvas and get full body tattoos. They believe their thoughts to be very bold to convey and lack a suitable platform, therefore, they chose their body to the one.

Moreover, get tattoos done wherever you thin it can look cool and funky. Also, chose a part of the body, which you can easily flaunt rather than you have trouble with revealing it.