Being a girl, what surprises you the most?

Women love surprises, or so it is presumed. There are many of us who are very specific with the type of surprises that we find absolutely wonderful. Sneaking up from behind is not part of the surprise deal, by the way. So what surprises you the most being a girl? There isn’t just one thing but a mix of many and any of these that would bring a smile to any girl.


As a girl, if I have been going out for a long time, I really would want the person to be the first to pop the question. Although times are changing, however, I would really love it if my guy had to go all out and make the cutest arrangement to propose to me.

Spa Treatment

My boyfriend understands that I love spas and it would be an ideal way to surprise me. Since I know it rarely crosses his mind, it wouldn’t hurt for him to surprise me with a lovely spa. It would be even more pleasantly surprised if he came along for it too.

Special Outing

I love to travel and it would be an amazing surprise if we could go out for an outing together. An impromptu trip with him would absolutely take me by surprise. If it is a place that we have talked about over and over again would be the ideal destination to travel together.

A Photo Balloon Collage

We all have wonderful memories throughout our lives. Be it a journey together or one that included your parents without him being there. A complete collage of my journey so far will be one of the most surprising gifts that I would receive from him. This is something not many boyfriends would think of, but making it all by him will be like icing on the cake.

Meal for Two

It is not often that a man would go all out and prepare a scrumptious breakfast or meal for his girl. It would take me or any other woman by complete surprise to receive a bed in breakfast or a meal prepared by him.

It could be something as simple as tea with toast and beans, but it would definitely count as going in the kitchen and preparing something for me. Prepping it with some delicate decoration in and around the house would simply floor any girl.