Basics of Computers - Domain Specific Tools

Depending on its usage, software may be generic or specific. Generic software is a software that can perform multiple tasks in different scenarios without being modified. For example, a word processor software can be used by anyone to create different types of documents like report, whitepaper, training material, etc. Specific software is a software for a particular application, like railway reservation system, weather forecasting, etc. Let us look at some examples of domain specific tools.

School Management System

School management system handles the diverse activities of a school like examination, attendance, admission, students’ fees, time table, teachers’ training, etc.

School Management

Inventory Management

Managing multiple activities like purchase, sales, order, delivery, stock maintenance, etc. associated with raw or processed goods in any business is called inventory management. The inventory management software ensures that stocks are never below specified limits and purchase/deliveries are done in time.

Payroll Software

Payroll software handles complete salary calculations of employees, taking care of leave, bonus, loans, etc. Payroll software is usually a component of HR (human resource) management software in mid-sized to big organizations.


Financial Accounting

Financial management software keeps an electronic record of all financial transactions of the organization. It has many functional heads like account receivables, accounts payable, loans, payroll, etc.

Financial Accounting

Restaurant Management

Restaurant management software helps restaurant managers in keeping track of inventory levels, daily orders, customer management, employee scheduling, table bookings, etc.

Restaurant Management

Railway Reservation System

Railway reservation system is a software that handles multiple modules like train routes, train management, seat booking, food booking, train maintenance, train status, travel packages, etc.

Railway Reservation System

Weather Forecasting System

Weather forecasting system is a real-time software that predicts weather of a place by collecting copious amount of live data about atmospheric temperature, humidity, wind level, etc. It is used to predict major disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.

weather forecasting system