AWS Quicksight - Using Filters to a Visual

Quicksight allows you to add filters to the visual being created. You have the option to apply filter to only a single visual under any analysis or all the visuals. To add filter, click on “Filter” icon on the left tab. It will show existing filter if there is any or filter can be created as per the requirement. In the below example, we don’t have any existing filters, so it gave an option to “Create one”

Applied Filters

On clicking create one, you can create filter. This allows you to choose if you want to add filter to just one or all the visuals. It also allows you to choose the field on which you want to apply filter.

Create Filter

In the above example, we have added a filter on “Date of Birth” field on input dataset and specified a Date. Now, the visual contains the average tenure of employees under different job level and job family but only including employees whose Date of Birth is after 1980-01-01.