AWS Quicksight - Editing Datasets

When you create a new dataset to be used in Quicksight, the following message would appear. You can preview or edit the data as per your requirement. You can change the types of certain fields, rename the headers or add some calculated fields based on input fields.

Editing Database

Once you click Edit/Preview data, you will be able to see the header and the fields on your input dataset. Here is a sample dataset −


There is an option of adding calculated fields as well. You can use inbuilt functions on input fields to create a new field. There are number of options like concatenating multiple fields, unstring a single field into multiple fields, time difference between to dates and so on. The complete list is shown below −

Add Calculated Filed

Once you are done with adding or modifying fields, just click “Save and Visualize” or just “Save” at the top. The “Save” button will keep you on existing screen while “Save and Visualize” will take you to the visual creation screen.

Data Source

To cancel your changes, click on Cancel button at the top.