Assume, today is your last day on this earth. How would you like to spend it?

As someone once said, "live each day as if it was your last", the last day on the earth for me would be something that will be sum up my life. Every individual would have their own approach to spend the last day, and so, for me, it would be -

  • Firstly, I would start my day by waking up early so that I have more time to spend.

  • I would go for a walk, get some fresh air and appreciate nature and the greenery that I would not be able to see anymore.

  • Spending a lot of time with my family. It could be anything from having lunch and dinner with them, watch a movie together, or even go out for some fun.

  • Would call up or meet friends and reminiscence childhood memories.

  • I would indulge in all such activities that made me happy all my life, such as, swimming, driving, cooking, or listening to music.

  • I would spend all my money on lunch or dinner at an expensive restaurant, buy gifts for family and kids.

  • I would tell my family how much I love them and what more I could have done for them.

  • I would just be with my partner, hold him tight and reminiscence the days we spent together.

  • I would eat all that's bad for health, all the junk food, cakes, pastries, or pizzas to my satisfaction.

  • Thank my parents for all that they did for me and seek forgiveness from all those to whom I perhaps did any wrong.

  • For this once, I would keep my phone, laptop or any gadgets away and rather make some of the use of the time left.

  • I would make every hour special by allotting each hour for each work I have thought of. One hour would be to do any of my favorite things, one hour for a friend, one hour for family, one hour to go out and breathe fresh air, one hour alone, and so on.