What advice would you like to give to a teenager?

Teenage is the most beautiful and at the same time most vulnerable age of one's life. This is the passing age when an adolescent becomes an adult. This is the most confusing and complex age of life because they feel they know everything and cannot find solutions to many problems by themselves and are confused to approach anybody.

I would like to give three pieces of advice for any teenager.

  • If you cannot achieve anything you dream of, don't feel you are dumb. There are many people in the outside world who have failed in many situations. Failure is the stepping stone to success.

  • Remember that people who talk nicely to you are not your friends and people who try to discipline you and scold you are not your enemies. It's great to have 1000 friends on Facebook, but try to find that one or two friends whom you can trust.

  • This is the age to enjoy your life, but this also the time which paves the path to your future. It is very important to have goals in life and work towards them. These are your golden years to dream about your future.