You accidentally dropped your favourite toy and broke it. This is a change you did not want. Can this change be reversed?

No, the breaking of the toy cannot be reversed.

Extra information: A change is an act or a process of becoming different.

Physical change: Physical change is the change of that matter where only the appearance or molecular arrangement of matter changes without changing its composition. 

Physical changes include transitions from one state of matter to another, such as the transition of solid to liquid or liquid to gas. Cutting, dissolving,  blending, boiling, freezing, and melting are some of the processes that undergo a physical change.

Examples: Boiling and freezing of water, melting of wax, mixing sand and grains, crumpling a paper bag, chopping wood etc.

Reversible Changes are those changes that can be reversed easily to form the 'original substance'. 

Properties of reversible change: 

It is a temporary change. The chemical properties of a substance are not affected by a reversible change. Most physical changes are reversible changes in nature.

 For example, ice melts into water, and water freezes to form ice.

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The breaking of the toy cannot be reversed as once the toy is broken into pieces, we cannot get back the original form.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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