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How to Get Domain and IP Address Information Using WHOIS Command?

Prince Yadav
Updated on 27-Jul-2023 13:41:03


The WHOIS command is a widely-used protocol for retrieving registration information about domain names and IP addresses. Originally intended for system administrators and network engineers to diagnose network issues, it has now become a popular tool for anyone looking to gather information on a domain or IP address. When you initiate a WHOIS query, your computer sends a request to a WHOIS server - a database of registered domain names and IP addresses. In response, the server provides registration information for the requested domain or IP address. The data obtained by the WHOIS command can include the name and contact ... Read More

Process Creation and Deletions in Operating Systems

Updated on 26-Jul-2023 15:19:39


Within the domain of operating systems, the emergence and removal of processes assume vital functions in the management and control of system resources. Profound comprehension of the way these processes are engendered and administered becomes indispensable for fine-tuning system performance and guaranteeing the optimal distribution of resources. The purpose of this article is to venture into the depths of process generation and elimination, delving into their definitions, significance, and the underlying mechanisms driving their occurrence. Process Creation The inception of a process involves the art of spawning a fresh entity within an intricate operating system framework. Picture a dynamic manifestation ... Read More

Difference between Domain and Server

Updated on 17-May-2023 12:02:29


In terms of networking domain and server are related to one another, where both hold a group of nodes to store and share the data with the users. Consider domain in terms of the website and hosting service where a user wants to access a particular webpage using a network connection, then a specific URL has to be typed in the search bar to access the needed information. Once a website gets hosted successfully on the server, then an address will be provided for accessing it, this address is called a domain name or address. In simple terms, web hosting ... Read More

Address Resolution in DNS (Domain Name System)

Updated on 05-May-2023 10:56:10


DNS (Domain Name System) is an essential component of the internet infrastructure that translates human-readable domain names into computer-readable numbers called IP addresses. When you type in a website address in your web browser, then DNS translates into an IP address such as (Assume) this IP address is used by computers for identification and then, they communicate with each other. The process of converting domain names into IP addresses is called address resolution. Address resolution plays a critical role in the functioning of the Internet as it enables users to access websites using easy-to-remember domain names instead of complex ... Read More

Domain Name System (DNS) Zones

Updated on 26-Apr-2023 14:39:16


Introduction The Domain Name System Zones are each partition of the DNS. A dissimilar or adjoining portion of the main DNS is the DNS zone, representing an organizational area contained within the global DNS and it is also designated to a particular administrator. These designation privileges define if the DNS zone will have only one domain or sub-domains or multiple domains such that multiple domains can be handled by a single organization following a tree hierarchy. Hence, numerous sub-domains and zones can be present in one DNS zone. If there were no DNS zones, then management of the huge resources ... Read More

How to Calculate Domain Authority?

Biswaindu Parida
Updated on 06-Apr-2023 14:00:37


Do you want to get your website noticed? Are you struggling to understand why it's not performing as well as others in SERPs? It could be that your domain authority isn't high enough. But what is domain authority, and how is it calculated? In this blog post, we're going to dig deep into the concept of domain authority and provide some effective strategies for improving yours. So read on if you're ready to take your website from obscurity towards higher visibility! What is Domain Authority? Domain authority (DA) is an SEO metric developed by Moz. It is a score that ... Read More

What is a Subdomain & How Is It Used?

Biswaindu Parida
Updated on 03-Apr-2023 14:06:31


Are you looking to increase your website's reach and better organize its content? If so, understanding a subdomain might be a great place to start. People often overlook subdomains as many do not have the knowledge or the time for them. But with just a little bit of understanding, subdomains can benefit small eCommerce stores and large enterprises. This blog post will explain these domain divisions and how you can use them effectively on your site! What is a Subdomain? A subdomain is a domain that is a subset of a bigger domain and is frequently used to arrange ... Read More