Why is it important to create a Data Backup?

We all who use computers and mobiles regularly have this unpleasant experience of losing some essential data. It is in such cases the concept of data backup comes in handy. Backing up your data is so important that we have an entire day dedicated to it; many might not know this, but 31st march is considered the World Backup Day.

Technically, a backup is another copy of all the files stored in your computer, be it data files or family photos, or your previous homework records. So, instead of storing everything on just a laptop, we have one backup stored on hard drives, or people also prefer to keep it in clouds these days.

Why Is It Important to Back Up Data?

Now that we know what is backup and how it is done, let’s understand why is backup important?

  • The primary reason for data backup is to prevent data loss; we all have heard how losing some important data can cause a loss of the company in millions, so data backup just helps in saving essential files, if by any chance the system crashes or your hard drive gets misplaced or stolen.

  • Also, what most people follow these days is the double backup of most important information; that is, they will take a regular backup of all data in some hard drive, but along with it, they will also have an additional backup of some sensitive data in their cloud storage in case the hard drive failure occurs and backed up data gets corrupted.

  • Also, some companies have a backup of their data for financial purposes as at the end of the year, while paying the tax, they need to refer to this data, and hence they can save faces during audits with the help of this backup.

  • In any company's marketing and sales department, backing up data helps them improve their relationship with their client as saved information about the client helps them build trust, which leads to an increase in sales.

  • Data backup saves a lot of time in MNC's as workers there don't have to rewrite the same reports repeatedly; they can just refer to its backup copy whenever required.

  • Backing up data leads to archive files, and these archive files show comparative studies from the past and help them analyze the more effective plan for the business.

  • It also, at the end of the day, leads to peace of mind as you know that if by any chance your files get corrupted, you have a backup with you already.

Hence, backing up your data helps in you so many ways personally. If you are working in some company, then it also helps in saving the business and maintaining a client relationship along with saving you from frauds while paying tax.

Also, it's essential to realize that backing up your data should not be something you do when someone asks you to, or you do once in a while. It should be like your common weekly habit, like any other habit of dusting your pc or cleaning the unwanted files.