How to Remove CSRSS.exe Trojan?

CSRSS.exe stands for client-server runtime subsystem executable file, which is one of the legitimate windows OS processes that handles most of the graphical instruction sets of the windows OS. But as it is a widespread and known process, many attackers take advantage of this and release their infected malicious Trojan program under the disguise of CSRSS.exe name.

How Does CSRSS.exe Trojan Spread?

Before knowing how to remove CSRSS.exe, it’s obvious that we should understand how it could enter the system and how you can detect it?

The main possibilities from where it could have entered your system are −

  • Sometimes, while downloading other things, mainly from torrent and pirated sites, you may have downloaded the software that contains the virus, and your system might also be infected with that same virus.

  • Sometimes, you may also receive it in the form of the mail, which on opening might allow the virus to install to your PC secretly.

  • Even clicking on some unknown pop-ups or some ads that might have appeared on the website leads to this virus.

  • Once a Trojan program enters your device, it initiates the chain reaction and automatically installs other malicious programs in your system without asking for your permission.

What are the Common Signs of CSRSS.exe?

The common signs that your system might be infected with CSRSS.exe are −

  • You might get redirected to some other page from your home page every time you search for something.

  • While browsing, you might get unwanted pop-ups and a lot of ads.

  • The system may get slow, and its performance could decrease as this virus will consume a lot of space in RAM, and hence the system will lag a lot.

  • A random window is also opened sometimes without the user’s intention of opening it.

If, by any chance, your system gets CSRSS.exe virus or any of your devices gets affected due to this, then the following steps can help you in getting the least possible damage of the infected files −

  • The most common step would be to delete the CSRSS.exe file if you locate any in the task manager but delete this file only if you are sure that it is malicious as otherwise, it could lead to a lot of complications in your system.

  • However, deleting it won’t remove this from the system entirely as it would have infected multiple registries, which also needs to be removed with the help of the registry editor, but before doing this step, make sure you have a backup of all the registries to be on the safer side. The images below show how it should be done

  • Then, restart your PC in the Safe Mode where only crucial programs will run, and it will automatically kill all the other processes running automatically on your system.

  • And the last and most crucial step would be to remove all the suspicious applications from the task manager from its root location.

  • You can also see if any temporary files are existing and if yes, then remove them. In addition, don’t forget to empty the Recycle Bin after all these steps are done.

  • The next step should be to reset your web browser settings to the factory mode and then relaunch the browser.

To be extra careful, always have an antimalware software installed on your device and scan it regularly.