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Top QA Interview Questions & Answers

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 09:01:40
We've put up a list of the most often requested Quality Assurance Interview Questions and Answers to familiarize you with the sorts of Quality Assurance interview questions you could be asked by the interviewer. We have tried to touch all areas of regularly requested QA questions and Quality Analyst interview questions with extensive answers in this list of SQA interview questions to assist you in easily passing the examination.To help you prepare for your forthcoming interview, we've touched nearly all relevant Quality Assurance Testing interview questions for new students as well as QA Testing interview questions for qualified engineers. This ... Read More

Unit Testing Tutorial for Beginners (Concepts, Types, Tools)

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Updated on 17-Dec-2021 13:17:26
What is the definition of unit testing?Unit Testing is a sort of software testing that examines individual software units or components. The goal is to ensure that each unit of software code works as intended. Unit testing is carried out by developers throughout the development (coding) phase of an application. Unit tests are used to isolate a part of code and ensure that it is accurate. A singular function, method, process, module, or object might be considered a unit.Unit Testing is a sort of software testing that examines individual software units or components. The goal is to ensure that each ... Read More

Mccabe's Cyclomatic Complexity: Calculate with Flow Graph

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Updated on 17-Dec-2021 13:14:32
Software MetricMeasurement provides a quantitative idea or indication of the size, dimension or capacity of a feature or an attribute of a software product or process. Software metric can be defined as a quantitative measure of an attribute of a software related to its cost, quality, size and schedule.For example −Measure − Number of ErrorsMetrics − Number of Errors detected per personCyclomatic Complexity in Software TestingIn software testing, cyclomatic complexity of a code section is a metric, that is used to measure the complexity of a given software program. It can be defined as a quantitative measure of independent paths ... Read More

20 Best Web Application Testing Tools

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 10:45:24
Best Web Application Testing Tools1. ZAPTESTThis software automation tool is used by those organizations who use software operations/development. It is also used by those organizations who are looking to automate their back-office operations or software testing process. ZAPTEST is also used to develop a seamless automation frameworkFeaturesAlso used for automated functional and performance testingUsed in RPA (Robotic Process Automation)Offers seamless testingUsed in executing cross-platform (parallel) testingAutomated DevOps (mock-ups)API (Application Programming Interface) testingAutomatic documentation2. TestpadThis is an easy-to-use manual testing tool used for testing web applications. It is easily accessible. It emphasizes pragmatism over process. Testpad also uses checklist-based test plans ... Read More

20 Best Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Tools

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 10:51:49
Cross-browser TestingCross-browser testing is a non-functional testing in which we check if the website works as expected when accessed through −Various browser-operating system combination − On commonly used browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari; on any popular operating system such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc.Different devices − Users can access the website through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc.Assistive Tools − The website supports assistive technologies, e.g., screen readers for differently abled persons.Cross-browser testing involves developing user experience across devices and platforms. With the help of cross-browser testing tools, we can do this efficiently. ... Read More

20 Best Bug/Defect Tracking Tools

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 10:55:35
A bug/defect tracking tool is used to record, report, assign and track bugs or defects in a software development project.1. BacklogThis is one of the most popular bug and project tracking tool. It is simple to report the bugs or defects and track the history of issue updates and status changes. Development teams use this tool to improve team collaboration and for high-quality project delivery.FeaturesEasy-to-use and simpleOffers advanced search featuresProvides the full history of updates and status changesIt has built-in Git and SVNGantt Burndown chartsWikis and WatchlistsNative mobile applicationsKanban-styled boards for visual workflow2. SpiraTeamThis tool is an ALM (Application Lifecycle ... Read More

20 Best Automation Testing Tools

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 11:03:37
1. KobitonThis tool helps in mobile and IoT test, notwithstanding how we choose to automate. Kobiton’s AI-powered script-less feature automates functional, performance, visual and compatibility testing. It ensures comprehensive quality and release at the speed of DevOps.FeaturesCaptures and executes automation without any scriptsCompletely open-standard Appium codeAI-based remediationAutomatically detects crashesVisual validationUX testingEasy and tight CI/CD integrationsInsightful reportsIn-depth session explorationAccess to the real devices in the cloud through on-premises setup2. TestProjectThis free cloud-based test automation tool is used for web, Android and iOS applications testing on all OSs with ease. It enables easy collaboration with team members using Selenium and Appium to ... Read More

10 Top Performance Testing Service Companies

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 11:05:31
1. Mindful QAThis QA software testing company was founded in 2018 is based in USA. They do not require high minimum or long-term contracts. They are one of the best software testing services. Most of the testers at Mindful QA have an average experience of more than 5 years. Their aim is to provide award-winning software testing services. It makes the QA testing process, right from the beginning till the end.This ethical QA company offers reliable and agile testing. It has more than twenty years of experience in software testing and was named “Top 50 Tech Visionary of 2019”.Major clients ... Read More

10 Best Software Testing Services

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 11:07:53
Software testing services or companies mainly offer QA and software testing solutions to test your software products and also provide control over its development process. They help you build high-quality, competitive software and applications. They make sure that your software offers a smooth user experience.1. TestlioIt is a modern crowdsourced testing service that manages software testing processes. Testlio is an integration of platform, freelancers, and services that help deliver great user experiences. It is the origin of networked testing, with over twenty testing capabilities – functional, usability, localization, location, and many more. It seamlessly integrates with automated testing to guarantee ... Read More

10 Best Crowd Testing (Crowdsourced) Companies

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 11:13:11
Today, in the IT world, software testing has become an essential part and to do it, clients often outsource or give the contract of software testing to other companies. Such companies have many resources and employees for to offer quality testing and deliver quality products as per client’s needs and requirements. A company receives a contract along with an amount that is decided during the initial agreement.Testers usually followed this traditional approach until the concept of Crowdsourced Testing came into existence. This testing is an emerging trend that performs a task similar to that which is usually performed in traditional ... Read More