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Order by in MS SQL Server

Mithlesh Upadhyay
Updated on 18-May-2023 17:28:12
Order by is a clause in SQL. It is used to sort the result set of a query in either ascending or descending order. It can sort using one or more columns. In this article, we will discuss the Order by clause in MS SQL Server. Syntax The syntax for using the Order by clause in MS SQL Server is as follows − SELECT column1, column2, ... FROM table_name ORDER BY column1 [ASC|DESC], column2 [ASC|DESC], ...; Explanation of Syntax SELECT column1, column2, ... : Specifies the columns that we want to retrieve from the table. FROM table_name: Specifies ... Read More

MS SQL Server - Type Conversion

Mithlesh Upadhyay
Updated on 18-May-2023 17:45:32
When we work with data in MS SQL Server, we often need to perform calculations or filter results based on data type. Properly converting data types ensures that our calculations are accurate and our queries return the desired results. In this article, we will discuss various type conversions in MS SQL Server. Built-in Data Types in MS SQL Server MS SQL Server has various built-in data types to store different types of data. These are the common built-in data types in MS SQL Server − int: Used to store integers. decimal: Used to store decimal numbers. varchar: Used to ... Read More

Difference between Domain and Server

Updated on 17-May-2023 12:02:29
In terms of networking domain and server are related to one another, where both hold a group of nodes to store and share the data with the users. Consider domain in terms of the website and hosting service where a user wants to access a particular webpage using a network connection, then a specific URL has to be typed in the search bar to access the needed information. Once a website gets hosted successfully on the server, then an address will be provided for accessing it, this address is called a domain name or address. In simple terms, web hosting ... Read More

Difference between Pentium and Xeon

Md. Sajid
Updated on 02-May-2023 11:30:45
Pentium and Xeon are Intel Corporation CPUs that are commonly used in personal computers and servers, respectively. While both CPUs are made by the same company, they are built for different purposes and have significant features. Pentium processors are designed for simple computer activities, whereas Xeon processors are designed for more demanding and specialised workloads. Read this article to find out more about Pentium and Xeon and how they are different from each other. What is Pentium? Pentium is a CPU family invented and manufactured by Intel Corporation. It is a brand name for a type of CPU found in ... Read More

An Ultimate Guide to Setting Up FTP Server to Allow Anonymous Logins

Satish Kumar
Updated on 02-May-2023 09:21:48
If you're looking to set up an FTP server that allows anonymous logins, you've come to right place. In this article, we'll guide you through entire process of setting up an FTP server to allow anonymous logins, from installing necessary software to configuring your server to accept anonymous connections. We'll also provide you with examples to make process as simple as possible. So let's get started. Understanding FTP and Anonymous Logins FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a popular protocol used to transfer files between computers over a network. It's commonly used to upload files to a website or to ... Read More

Domain Name System (DNS) Zones

Updated on 26-Apr-2023 14:39:16
Introduction The Domain Name System Zones are each partition of the DNS. A dissimilar or adjoining portion of the main DNS is the DNS zone, representing an organizational area contained within the global DNS and it is also designated to a particular administrator. These designation privileges define if the DNS zone will have only one domain or sub-domains or multiple domains such that multiple domains can be handled by a single organization following a tree hierarchy. Hence, numerous sub-domains and zones can be present in one DNS zone. If there were no DNS zones, then management of the huge resources ... Read More

Difference between Client/Server and Distributed DBMS

Updated on 26-Apr-2023 14:09:46
Database system Database Management System is used to manage the user information or files and to perform operations like create, edit, share, delete, backup, retrieve, etc. The data stored in the database are organized as tables, rows, columns, and key values which are useful for retrieving relevant information. This database system can be classified based on the number of users and the location of the database on computer devices. Single and multi-users can function on the database depending on the configuration made. MySQL, Oracle DB, mongo DB, cloud DB, and SQL server are a few databases used to store and ... Read More

Best Cloud Databases

Pradeep Jhuriya
Updated on 19-Apr-2023 12:59:16
Introduction Cloud databases are a type of database service that operates over the internet, rather than on a local server. They offer a number of benefits over traditional on-premise databases, including scalability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. As a result, cloud databases have become an increasingly popular choice for organizations of all sizes. However, with so many different cloud database providers to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for your organization. In this article, we will explore some of the best cloud databases currently available and what makes them stand out from the rest. Amazon Web ... Read More

Understanding Novell NetWare: A Comprehensive Introduction to Network Directory and Server Basics

sudhir sharma
Updated on 14-Apr-2023 15:45:16
Introduction Novell NetWare is a powerful network operating system that offers essential features like user management, file sharing, and data security. This comprehensive introduction will guide you through the basics of this innovative system and show you how understanding NetWare can enhance your organization's network operations. So grab your cup of coffee or tea and let's dive into the world of Novell NetWare together! Understanding Novell NetWare Server Basics Novell NetWare servers require specific hardware and software requirements, with the need to manage user accounts and permissions, and a file server that plays a vital role in network operation Server ... Read More

Cyber Security- Attacking through Command and Control

Updated on 11-Apr-2023 17:10:56
Cyber security means the security of cyber systems. Cyber Security secures the computer system from cyber attacks. It protects the system and the personal data, credentials, and passwords. Due to the developments in technology, the risks and the cost to retain the services are becoming higher. Over the decade cyber attacks have raised a lot and one of the most endangered attacks is the Command and Control Attack which is done using Domain Name System (DNS). It is also referred to as C&C or C2 Attack. When an Organization is under this attack, it’s very crucial to get back to ... Read More
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