Setting Up a Linux Multifunction Server

Linux is widely used both as a Desktop Operating System and to create server platforms. Linux can be used to build standalone servers, and mail servers, create a web server, and set up a gateway for LAN. It is extensively used in the fields of telecommunications, embedded systems, satellites, medical equipment, military systems, computer graphics, and desktop computing. 75 percent of the world's top supercomputers run on the LINUX operating system.

Setting Up a Linux Multifunction Server

Creating a Linux Multifunction server

First, we need to install the Debian distribution of Linux. Then configure the network manually. We need to specify the hostname of the server, a domain name, a gateway, an IP address, a netmask, and a nameserver. Then add a non-privileged user during installation to allow the user to log in and use the su command to become root.

Characteristics of Linux system

  • Linux operating system is flexible to use different hardware platforms.

  • Linux OS supports multiple users to access the system without interruption.

  • It is free for everyone to install and use the Linux operating system.

  • It provides security to the users by securing the files and resources using password or encryption methods.

  • The connection or service produced by Linux is very stable and does not toggle among any malfunctions, fluctuations, or slow speed

Requirements of Linux Server

  • The basic requirement is to establish the connection and functionalities to the Linux OS. The system or computer needs to be connected to the Internet and an IP address that is remaining the same.

  • The Efficiency of the system can vary according to the CPU design and the memory

Web Server

As Linux is the most efficient and fastest Operating System, it is used by many organizations for corporate purposes using web services. It offers many applications and a secure service to users. For example, the Linux server OS is Ubuntu and Debian.

Advantages of Web Server

  • It gives the ability to Linux for providing VIRTUAL HOSTING

  • After DHCP is configured, a subnet section is generated for each interface

Proxy Server

When a client requests for a web page 1, the request first goes to the proxy server, and it has web page 1. So it responds to the request and sends the page to the client. When the same client request for web page 2, it serves because the proxy server has that. Similarly, when a client request for web page 4 which is not present in the proxy server, it transfers the request to the web server. Then the web server responds to the proxy server, and then this server will copy the web page 4 and send that to the client.

Mail Server

Some of the mail delivery agents are Post Office Protocol (POP3), POP3s, Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP), or IMAPs. These protocols have three phases namely Authorization, Transaction, and update.

Database Server

To use the database server, we need to install and run the My SQL and create a My SQL ROOT user. Then create a user which performs the restoration and backup of the database.

Example with the scanner

  • Confirm that the scanner you will use is operating correctly and is compatible with your server’s hardware and software configuration.

  • Connect the scanner to the server using the appropriate cable like USB.

  • Install any necessary drivers or software for the scanner on the server

  • Configure the scanner settings as needed. These steps provide a general overview of how the setup process works with a scanner.

To securely configure email with Postfix, POP3, and IMAP, you can follow these steps

  • Install Postfix with a protocol that sets a secure connection between the user and the website

  • Use Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) to authenticate users when logging into the mail server.

  • Install the necessary packages for Postfix and other mail components by running the required command.

  • In the "Configuring ipopd" screen, select both pop3 and pop3s.

  • These steps provide a general overview of how to securely configure email with Postfix, POP3, and IMAP. The specific details may vary depending on the hardware and software configuration.

Difficulties in Linux Operating System

When conjuring the LINUX server for the first time, there may be some sort of difficulties and confusion. In the Windows Operating System commands are used and in Linux OS icons are utilized. This is done under the console mode, from the command line interface.


The distributions of Linux are used to configure a web server and for its functioning, it has to be connected to the Internet connection. Linux System administrator will sign in to the OS using console mode and its application in the fields of satellites, telecommunications, military systems, computer graphics, and desktop computing.

Updated on: 18-Jul-2023


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