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How to Add Antivirus and Spam Protection to Postfix Mail Server with ClamAV and SpamAssassin

Satish Kumar
Updated on 27-Apr-2023 15:04:55
In today's world, email is a crucial tool for communication, both in personal and professional settings. However, it can also be a target for malicious attacks such as viruses and spam. As a result, it is vital to secure your mail server against these threats. One way to do this is by adding antivirus and spam protection to your Postfix mail server with ClamAV and SpamAssassin. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to add ClamAV and SpamAssassin to your Postfix mail server, and show you how to configure them to work together to protect your mail ... Read More

Challenges in Mobile Devices?

Updated on 18-Apr-2023 17:20:06
Mobile devices are something we keep so much private information in. It keeps our data such as personal pictures of family, and friends, special events, important documents, audio and videos, and certain other confidential files which are necessary for our life. Keeping all this information secure and private is very important and it is a challenging task to secure it. But as we know security always starts with us, we people have to be careful while sharing our data outside the world, even on social media. It can affect mental and physical health. So to keep it secure and safe, ... Read More

Why HTTP is not secure?

Updated on 11-Apr-2023 17:32:24
HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Protocol is a set of rules that tells what is the correct procedure to be followed in normal situations while sharing data in networking. HTTP is a type of standard language or one kind of application protocol for transferring hypermedia documents such as HTML pages. It allows different users to communicate through data on the world wide web(WWW). HTTP is not secure as it doesn’t encrypt the data that is transmitted between clients(users) to servers. For example, if you are visiting any site and somewhere it asks for your email address and other ... Read More

How to Prepare for Machine Learning Security Risks?

Sohail Tabrez
Updated on 28-Mar-2023 14:34:43
Introduction Machine learning (ML) is a fast expanding field with the potential to completely transform a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, finance, and transportation. Nonetheless, security issues must be handled as with any new technology. This post will go through some of the major dangers connected to ML and offer solutions for risk reduction. Machine Learning Security Risks Let's first go over the many kinds of machine learning security concerns you can run across so that we are better equipped to deal with them. Types of Machine Learning Security Risks There are several types of machine learning ... Read More

Security Factors In IoT Devices

Devang Delvadiya
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 11:26:56
The interconnection of physical devices, vehicles, and other things which relate to electronics, software, sensors, and connections that allows these objects to collect and share data is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things (IoT) has altered our way of life and work. Ever since IoT came into our lives, we have had great experiences and easy lives. Hence its security is a factor that cannot be ignored. Major IoT Devices in Use Smart thermostats, security cameras, and home assistants are examples of IoT gadgets that have become standard in our homes and workplaces. As ... Read More

Basic Network Attacks in Computer Network

Satish Kumar
Updated on 06-Feb-2023 21:04:15
A network attack is any attempt to disrupt, compromise or gain unauthorized access to a computer network or its resources. Network attacks can be classified into several categories, depending on the method used, the target and the intent of the attacker. One way to classify network attacks is by their intent. Some attacks are designed to disrupt the normal operation of a network or its resources, while others are designed to steal sensitive information or take control of network resources. Another way to classify network attacks is by the method used. Some attacks involve exploiting known vulnerabilities in network software ... Read More

All you need to know about Network Neutrality

Satish Kumar
Updated on 30-Jan-2023 10:40:32
Network Neutrality, also known as "net neutrality, " is the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally, without discrimination or preference given to any particular type of data or service. This principle is based on the idea that the internet should be a level playing field, where all users have equal access to the same information and opportunities. There are several key concepts associated with network neutrality, including No blocking − This means that internet service providers (ISPs) should not be able to block access to any legal websites or services. No throttling − ISPs should not ... Read More

Clone Phishing

Satish Kumar
Updated on 27-Jan-2023 18:57:32
Clone phishing is a type of cyber attack that involves creating a replica of a legitimate website or email in order to steal personal information or login credentials from unsuspecting victims. This type of phishing attack is becoming increasingly common, as it is relatively easy for attackers to replicate a website or email, and it can be difficult for victims to distinguish the fake from the real. In this article, we will explore what clone phishing is, the different types of clone phishing attacks, and the steps you can take to protect yourself from this type of cyber threat. What ... Read More

CISM vs CISSP Certification

Satish Kumar
Updated on 27-Jan-2023 18:49:48
Information security is a critical aspect of any organization, and it is essential to have certified professionals who can manage and protect sensitive data. Two of the most popular certifications in the field of information security are CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). Both certifications are globally recognized and highly respected in the industry, but they have different focuses and target audiences. In this article, we will compare CISM vs CISSP certification and discuss the key differences between them. Target Audience CISM is designed for experienced information security professionals who manage and oversee information ... Read More

Chat Conferencing Protocols

Satish Kumar
Updated on 27-Jan-2023 18:21:51
Chat conferencing is a method of communication that allows multiple users to participate in a virtual conversation in real-time. This can be done through a variety of different protocols and technologies, each with its own set of features and capabilities. In this article, we will discuss the most commonly used chat conferencing protocols and their respective strengths and weaknesses. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) IRC is one of the oldest chat conferencing protocols, dating back to the late 1980s. It is a text-based protocol that allows users to join channels (virtual rooms) where they can communicate with others. IRC is a ... Read More
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