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The Trees

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 12-Jan-2023 10:39:08
Introduction The Trees is a poem written by Adrienne Rich. Adrienne Rich was born in Baltimore, in Maryland on May 16th, 1929. She went to Radcliffe College and graduated in the year 1951. She was selected by Sir W. H. Auden to win the famous Yale Series of Younger Poets prize for A Change of World that same year. The poetess wrote around 20 volumes of poetry. She is often addressed as a feminist and a radical poet. As the title of the poem suggests, The Trees is about the existence of trees. The poetess has expressed how humans ... Read More

The Road Not Taken

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 12-Jan-2023 10:36:29
Introduction In the poem The Road Not Taken, the poet Robert Frost talks about the complications of life. He tells about an incident when he was traveling on a road and stops at a divergent. He was confused about which road he should choose. He compares roads with life and divergent paths with the point where we have to choose between two things. He compares this situation to real life Summary It is a well-versed poem written by Robert Frost. He shares an incident where he had to choose between two paths. Here he uses the road to symbolize life. ... Read More

On Killing a Tree

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 11-Jan-2023 14:04:00
Summary ‘On Killing a Tree’ is a tactful poem written by Gieve Patel through which the poet wants to convey to readers not to destroy trees and makes a connection between the killing of a tree with human beings. Gieve Patel is an Indian poet, playwright, painter, and also a well-known physician. He is one of the active writers who spoke up for the Green Movement, an initiative to protect the environment. Some of his literary works include Urban, From Bombay Central, Post Mortem, Public Hospital, and Old man’s Death The poem On Killing a Tree is full of poetic ... Read More

No Men Are Foreign

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 11-Jan-2023 13:50:54
Introduction No Men Are Foreign is a poem with sharp perspective meaning written by English Poet, James Harold Kirkup. James Harold Kirkup (1918 - 2009) is a famous English poet, skilled translator of verse and a distinguished travel writer, dramatist and auto biographer. Including autobiographies, novels, and plays, he wrote more than 45 publications. His first collection of poems, The Drowned Sailor at the Downs, was released in 1947. James Kirkup who had an honourable life, passed away on May 10, 2009. The poem No Men Are Foreign showcases the idea of equality. The poet tries to create an impact ... Read More

How to Tell Wild Animals

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 11-Jan-2023 13:42:28
Introduction In the poem How to Tell Wild Animals, the poet, Carolyn Wells, is describing the characters of wild animals funnily. The poet has used humorous language and has used rhyme as a literary device. This poem consists of the brute nature of wild animals. Summary The poem starts with a description of different wild animals. In the first stanza the poet is advising the readers that if they travel east, they may encounter many wild animals. She is describing various characteristics to identify the animals. The poet says that if the reader came across a yellowish-brown animal, which ... Read More

A Legend of the Northland

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 11-Jan-2023 13:30:06
Introduction In Northland, 'A Legend of the Northland' is a folktale passed on from generation to generation. The little woman who got punished for being selfish is the central character of this story. This legendary poem teaches the readers not to be greedy and to be kind and empathic. The poem was written by Phoebe Cary, a renowned poet. Four lines are in each stanza of the sixteen-stanza ballad. The younger sister of Alice Cary, Phoebe Cary was an American poet. Each of them has published many poems, both individually and together. “A Legend of the Northland” is a very ... Read More

Where Do All the Teachers Go?

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 17:14:32
Chapter Summary Peter Dixon has composed the poem ‘Where Do All the Teachers Go?’ This particular poem is associated with the imagination of a child about their teacher. The poem is written from the child’s point of view regarding the whereabouts of a teacher. The child is curious about the activities of the teacher after school hours. The thought process of a child is different from a grown-up individual hence the curiosity differs accordingly. The child in this poem is wondering where teachers go to around 4 pm every day. The child questions whether the teachers live in houses ... Read More

What If

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 17:06:01
Chapter Summary ‘What If’ is a poem written by the famous poet Shel Silverstein. This poem is called a light as verses in this poem are some questions by the speaker and he presented them in the form of what ifs. He asked the question to himself and through this presents some doubts in his mind. The night came and the speaker was lying on his bed he thinks of the previous night and at that time some what-ifs came into his mind. He can feel that the what-ifs are entering his head through his ears. The speaker assumes that ... Read More


Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 17:31:06
Chapter Summary The poem ‘Vocation’ talks about a boy, and the boy here is presented as a great observer. He observes people in his surroundings when he is going to school or the market. The boy curiously looks at those people as well as their workings and he wishes to get that taste of free just like those people. This poem is presented in the textbook Honeycomb and it is written by the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore. The child meets with the gardeners, hawkers, as well as a watchman when he is going to school. This little boy describes ... Read More


Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 15:33:03
Chapter Summary The poem ‘Beauty’ talks about the various aspects of ‘beauty’ in general. According to the poet E-yeh-shure, beauty can be seen everywhere and in every object; every creature and every human being on this earth is beautiful in its own way. The Beauty can be witnessed through the advent of the warm sunlight that looks like a divine sheen from heaven blessing us with fortitude and energizing every creature throughout the day. The birds crooning from the trees about the tales of their days and golden harvest waving to the tunes of blowing wind are simply enchanting. ... Read More