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Port Address Translation or PAT mapping to Private IPs

sudhir sharma
Updated on 12-May-2023 09:30:08


Introduction Enter Port Address Translation (PAT), a dynamic form of Network Address Translation (NAT) that maps multiple private IPs to one public IP address using port numbers. This not only conserves valuable IP addresses but also enhances network security and reduces costs. Whether you're a networking novice or an experienced professional, this blog will simplify the complex concepts of PAT mapping to Private IPs in an easily digestible manner. Understanding PAT Mapping to Private IPs PAT mapping to private IPs involves using port numbers and a global/public IP address to dynamically map multiple devices on a LAN with only a ... Read More

Difference Between Genome Sequencing and Genome Mapping

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 26-Apr-2023 11:09:44


Genome sequence and genome map are both engravings of a genome. Genome mapping is useful for pinpointing the location of and determining the proximity of individual genes. The Human Genome Project (HGP) is a worldwide scientific endeavour that can make use of this technique as a foundational first step. Low-resolution and high-resolution physical mapping, restriction enzymes as microscopic scalpels, genetic linkage maps, macro-restriction maps as a top-down approach, and contig maps as a bottom-up approach are all examples of mapping methods. Chromosome Isolation (Flow Sorting and Somatic Cell Hybridization) Genome sequencing is a technique for evaluating the whole deoxyribonucleic acid ... Read More

QTL Mapping - An Overview

Anusha Karthik
Updated on 11-Apr-2023 17:49:44


An Overview Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) mapping is a statistical technique used to identify the chromosomal regions responsible for the variation of a quantitative trait. The identification of QTLs is essential in understanding the genetic basis of complex traits and for the development of improved breeding strategies. An attempt has been made below to give an overview of QTL mapping, including the methodology, data analysis, and interpretation of results. Methodology of QTL Mapping The process of QTL mapping involves four primary steps: trait measurement, genotyping, statistical analysis, and QTL validation. Trait Measurement The first step in QTL mapping is to ... Read More

Genetic and Physical Maps the Relation Between Them

Anusha Karthik
Updated on 11-Apr-2023 17:35:29


Introduction Genetic maps and physical maps are two types of maps that help us understand the structure of the genome. The genome is the complete set of genetic instructions that an organism inherits from its parents. Genetic maps and physical maps provide different types of information about the genome, but they are related in important ways. Genetic Maps Genetic maps are maps of the relative positions of genes on a chromosome. Genes are segments of DNA that carry the instructions for making a particular protein. Genetic maps are constructed by analysing the patterns of inheritance of different genetic traits. If ... Read More