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The Treasure Within

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 06-Jan-2023 15:10:07
Chapter Summary The Treasure Within is a good story written by Nissim Ezekiel. This story is mainly based on a conversation that happens between Ms Bela Raja and Hafeez Contractor. Here Ms Bela Raja is referred to as the editor of Sparsh and is a newsletter. On the other hand, Hafeez Contractor was one of the greatest architects in the place of India. Mr Hafeez Contractor was inferior in studies and he had an inclination towards sports. The quality of his study makes him punished by the teachers and the reason for this is that he was the gang leader ... Read More

The Selfish Giant

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 06-Jan-2023 15:02:46
Chapter Summary “The Selfish Giant” is a story of a giant named “Cornish Ogre”. and children playing in his garden and it was written by “Oscar Wilde”. The story delivers the need for love and the consequence of selfishness. The involvement of a young boy sent the message of God to the selfish giant. The story started with a beautiful garden where kids came to play every afternoon. The garden was gigantic, full of “soft grass” and other beautiful “fruit trees”. Birds came to the garden and sang sitting on the trees. The involvement of children enhanced the beauty of ... Read More

The Open Window

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Updated on 06-Jan-2023 14:55:25
Chapter Summary Framton Nuttel was suffering from a nerve disorder and to get rid of it he shifted to a new town, where his sister lives. In the urge of helping his brother, she arranged a meeting with Mrs. Sappleton, who is their family friend. After reaching their house, Framton Nuttel meets with a young girl, named Vera, who is the niece of Mrs. Sappleton. As she was away for some reason, Vera starts small talks with Framton. She described a tragic story about an open window of the house. She told him that. Her aunt’s husband and two brothers ... Read More

The Fight

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 06-Jan-2023 14:49:09
Chapter Summary “The Fight” is a short story about two boys from various states. The story is written by Ruskin Bond, where at the end of the fight, the hate between them transformed to love. One of him was Ranji who was a Rajput and another boy is Suraj who is a Punjabi. Ranji shifts his city and moves to a new place and in the new place; he discovers a pool inside a forest. The fine water of the pool attracts Ranji and he starts swimming. The next day while swimming, Ranji meets Suraj in the pool and ... Read More

The Comet — II

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Updated on 06-Jan-2023 14:34:54
Chapter Summary ‘The Comet — II’ is a story and it is a continuation of the story of Comet- I. This story describes how the leading scientists around the world have gathered for the purpose of a conference. The experts from different parts of the world gathered together for avoiding the collision of Comet Dutta which is happening on Earth. It is seen that the Dutta Comet or Comet Dutta’s inventor was Manoj Duttada. Here, John shows a decision to organise a meeting of the experts which will be kept secret. The experts here belong to different fields. Here ... Read More

The Comet — I

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 06-Jan-2023 12:01:24
Chapter Summary ‘The Comet – I’ refers to a story that mainly revolves around the revelation of a particular comet. The discovery of this comet mainly occurs by the author Manoj Duttada. The author is very ambitious but he is an amateur astronomer who has discovered a comet first time. He creates the telescope namely Dibya Chakshu means the Divine eye. He spends most of his free time watching through a telescope. His wife is Indrani Debi and she wishes that the discovery did not occur ever. This is because of her superstitious nature. Duttada always tried to console ... Read More


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Updated on 06-Jan-2023 16:29:44
Chapter Summary The study presents that a little boy was carrying money to pay his school fees. The fees and funds were not submitted because his teacher was absent on that particular day and therefore he was returning his money. Suddenly at the side of a road, the sight of crisp jalebis excited this boy and he tried his best to resist the desire of having those jalebis. He succeeded as well to return home without spending the money. Still, after being continuously influenced by the money he went to the halwai and bought jalebis for one rupee. While having ... Read More

Children At Work

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Updated on 06-Jan-2023 11:19:58
Chapter Summary ‘Children at Work’ by Geeta Wolf transcends the reader to the crowded city of Chennai, through the eleven-year-old kid, Velu’s eyes. His father was a drunkard and used to beat him up, and steal money from him and his sisters. Running away from what he thought could be the worst scenario to live; he ended up in the cold-hearted, materialistic city of Chennai following in the footsteps of European capitalism. Searching for his paradise Velu once again found himself in hell. Starving for the lack of money and food, Velu was on the verge of collapse, when ... Read More

Ancient Education System of India

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 06-Jan-2023 11:14:34
Chapter Summary Many explorers and travellers came from various parts of the world to get a taste of Indian culture. This massive land is known to the world for being effective and benevolent with huge diversity in the cultures. One of the most important aspects of this trip was to understand the culture through the education system of India. Three main aspects of the education had given to the students who were a part of this system. The system looks after the physical and mental well-being of the human body. This system always helped the students to sharpen their ... Read More