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Despite being a good performer, my manager doesn’t like me? How to impress him?

Shankar Bhatt
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
Employees’ relationship with the manager is a critical predictor of one’s experience at work. Where good relationships result in getting interesting projects, recognition for the contribution and meaningful feedback, bad relationships does the opposite.In order to build an effective relationship at the workplace, and especially with the manager, performance plays a very crucial role. But since you have already indicated yourself as a good performer in the question, consider your foundation as a sound one. Good going!Now, you have to be careful about any signs that show you as incapable. Therefore, it is suggested that you shouldn’t ask too many ... Read More

How to prove yourself right in office while everybody considers you wrong?

Shankar Bhatt
Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:01:52
In your professional life, there will be times of conflicts and disagreements. In a situation where you believe that you are right while others consider you wrong, people usually choose a way to explain themselves and sometimes use the wrong kind of attitude (anger or impatience), which goes against them.Stay CalmIf I were to be stuck in such kind of a situation then I would behave as calmly as possible. It is important for me to prove my point but losing my patience and composure will make others point true. Therefore, I would put my points and explanations forth backed ... Read More

Why people are used by the mobile phone rather than using it for their own benefits?

Shankar Bhatt
Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:01:15
Many of you might not get what point has been made here; however, the ever-expanding usage of mobile phones and simultaneously, there is another side of the coin. Many of us use our phones in access, which makes us its salve. So, how can we avoid it? Let's dig out.The Inclination of the YouthUndoubtedly, we are probably the youngest country in the work but what those youngsters are doing? How are they utilizing their time? What is their contribution to the growth of their own selves? In reality, if they fail to help their own selves, how can they provide ... Read More

How to spend quality time with your partner?

Updated on 27-Apr-2022 08:05:37
Dragging the fast and stressful life these days, it has become almost impossible to spend time with your partner. I had the same time crunch among my busy work schedule and after a few hits and misses I have finally worked out a few things that help me to spend quality time with my partner.Go for A DatePlan those date nights with a long drive, a candlelight dinner, or a movie at the nearest theatre every once in a while, and you will automatically feel the difference. The time spent with each other is just for the two of you ... Read More

How to catch someone who is cheating online?

Updated on 27-Apr-2022 05:33:39
Although cheating can be in different forms, for instance, having a sexual relationship, emotional affairs, etc., building illicit relationships online is a trend these days. Thanks to the advances in technology, people are a bit remorseful about cheating online. While one's activities and behavior can give you clear indications of whether your partner is cheating on you or not. In such cases, talking to them straight away about it should be the best solution. But, how do you identify if your partner is cheating on you online?Monitoring Your Partner's ActionsA partner or spouse when cheating will definitely exhibit a difference ... Read More

What effects does intermittent fasting have on the human body?

Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:50:39
Ok, so the long-tested typical Indian fasting pattern where we fast for the first half and gorge in the 2nd half has finally got an official version in the name of intermittent fasting. It's not about which food to eat or in what quantity, but it's instead a more systematic approach that stresses a healthy pattern than just eat right and then stop. I got to know about this recently and ran a quick search on the internet. That's when I discovered that intermittent fasting is divided into four variants. For the basics, you can drink liquids like tea, coffee, ... Read More

How can people overcome the fear of failure?

Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:52:28
Many individuals nurture the fear of failure within them. The fear of failure starts when you are very young and if ignored, it grows over the years. I remember how terrified I would be during the exams or a competition. However, I thank my parents who helped me overcome my fear by not forcing me their aspirations on me.They made me realize how recognizing my inner talent or being a better human being was more important for my future than forcing me to secure higher grades in exams. And, I am proud to say that today I am not afraid ... Read More

Despite working/living in one company/community why does it happen that two people don't speak to each other without any specific reason?

Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:52:59
Communication is the key to a good relationship and a successful team. We all know that by now, but still you would notice people not conversing with each other, especially in a company or a community. Wondering why? There can be plenty of reasons.Due To the CompetitionCompetition between peers is one of the chief reasons why two people avoid talking to each other. There's always an envy factor working among the high-performing individuals. They want to beat each other and reach the top position at any cost instead of investing in a healthy relationship and talking terms.To Be the Cynosure ... Read More

My girlfriend's best friend drops me romantic messages at midnight and talks as if she loves me? Is it an indication? How should I take it?

Updated on 11-May-2022 09:45:37
Your girlfriend loves you to be associated with her friends and family. However, she prefers to form a group with you and her best friend for hanging out on a daily basis. Does this group work out well?What If Her Besty Flirts with You?The situation can become grave for you if her best friend hits on you. Should you respond to her romantic messages that she sends past midnight? Should you confess this to your girlfriend? Well, the answer to these serious questions is a simple 'No'. You must be wondering, why?The simple way to explain the answer is to ... Read More

Many of my friends find girls who smoke cool, why?

Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:56:53
Is smoking an unhealthy practice? The answer to this question will change from person to person, especially when girls are concerned. When I was in school, I used to feel different about any kind of addiction. However, with time the perception has changed drastically.Is it Funky to Smoke?Regardless of gender, most people consider smoking to be a huge part of their style statement. Even many of my male friends find the smoking girls cooler than the ones who don't. Is there any specific reason behind it? Let us find it out.Sharing − In my friend circle, the girls who smoke, ... Read More