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Zara: A Brand That Created History

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One of, if not the most well-known, fashion retail brands in the world is Zara. With its dramatic introduction of the idea of “rapid fashion” shopping since its foundation in 1975 in Spain, Zara has worked to promote a responsible excitement for fashion among a broad variety of consumers, scattered across different cultures and age groups. There are many factors that have contributed to Zara’s success, but one of its most crucial characteristics that has enabled it to grow into the global fashion juggernaut it is today is its capacity to put customers first. Customers are madly in love with ... Read More

H&M: A Brand’s History

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The company was originally known as “Hennes, ” which is Swedish for “Her, ” and changed to Hennes & Mauritz following a merger with a menswear company. By the time the name was abbreviated to H & M in 1968, it had come to represent both women’s and men’s clothing that was both feminine and masculine. The corporation has approximately 130, 000 employees and operates in more than 60 different nations. There are H&M stores almost everywhere in the world, and the company’s striking red logo is instantly recognisable as a symbol of reasonably priced, fashionable clothing. Clothing, accessories, ... Read More

History of Western Fashion

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Western clothing has existed for a very long time. In the beginning, people of high position or authority might be recognised by their hand-made clothing. Only the wealthy could buy clothes since they were so expensive. The wealthy donned designer clothing, while the underprivileged wore simple attire. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that clothing could be produced in large quantities, giving more people access to high-quality apparel at lower costs. What is Fashion in Western Culture? In English, the word “fashion” first appeared in 1375. Early occurrences are noted in the mid-15th century, according to the Oxford English ... Read More

History of the Sewing Machine

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A sewing machine is a device that uses thread to sew fabrics and other materials together. In the sewing community, the most commonly asked question is who invented the sewing machine. For good cause, there have been many allegations, failed experiments, and significant scandals throughout the history of the sewing machine. It’s a fascinating story about patent lawsuits and narrowly avoiding death when the sewing machine was still relatively new. Historical Background Without the craftsmanship of hand stitching, there would be no history of the sewing machine. Around 20, 000 years ago, people first began hand stitching, using animal ... Read More

History of Textile Design

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Fashion designing, carpet production, and all other facets of the textile industry fall under the umbrella term of textile designing. Towels, clothing, rugs, and draperies are all useful items made from textile design. The realm of art has been inspired by textile design in terms of other works or trends. Understanding the technical aspects of production as well as the characteristics of fibre, yarn, and dyes is necessary for textile design. Every culture has its own distinctive textiles with preferred fibres, designs, and colours, depending on the geographical region and time period. The names of the earliest textile designers have ... Read More

History of Indian Fashion

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It’s been said that history repeats itself, and fashion is no exception! As old as human civilization itself, Indian fashion is a mash-up of regional, cultural, and historical influences. What we are seeing present day is the culmination of decades’ worth of knowledge about changing fashion trends that has been passed down from generation to generation. Every decade or two, fashion in India and throughout the world repeats itself, adding esoteric twists to the present trends. The fashion industry has had such a profound impact on our generation that it is now just as necessary as food and ... Read More

French Fashion in the Eighteenth Century

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Despite the fact that we are no longer able to physically experience the magnificence of 18th-century fashion, we are fortunate that many painters of the era have left us with the answer to the question of how people dressed in the era. We are able to visually comprehend and enjoy the important fashions of their age because of their artistic depictions. The way people dressed at the time was very exceptional and had a unique impact on the history and evolution of fashion. At the turn of the century, clothes with sleek, angular designs were all the rage. It ... Read More

Evolution of Modern Indian Fashion

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India is the world’s second-largest exporter of clothing and textiles. By 2021, the textile sector in our country is projected to be worth $141 billion. The quantity, variety, and calibre of women’s clothing offered in our markets make this obvious. Indian fashion and clothes have experienced many highs and lows, like other big industries, and the fashion we see today is very different from what we started with. For many years, Indian fashion has been renowned for its ethnicity and beauty. India is a diverse country, as we all know. There are many residents here, each with their own ... Read More

Greek Costume

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Ancient Greek people created their own clothing and costumes, and one piece of homespun fabric may be used for a garment, shroud, or blanket. Fabrics were likely painted on Greek vases and antique sculptures, and they were likely vividly coloured and frequently ornamented with intricate patterns. A tunic (either a peplos or a chiton) and a cloak were the two main articles of clothing for both men and women (himation). To make the overfold (apoptygma) reach the waist, a huge rectangle of heavy fabric, most often wool, was folded over along the upper edge. It was wrapped around the torso ... Read More

Uniforms Worn During World Wars

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Both World Wars I and II necessitated organising the entire country, not just on an ideological level but also in many facets of daily life, including what people wore. Fashion was significantly impacted by the wartime economy, the shift in population demographics, the growing domestic economy (with more people working), and the increase in female employment. The purpose that clothing must serve, economic factors, the availability of commodities, social expression and social aspiration, Hollywood, and what is worn by the military services all have an impact on fashion. These factors have an impact on fashion, which in turn has an ... Read More