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Sleep Health: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 12:54:14


These days, well-being, competence, and adaptability—not just illness absence—are used to characterize the health of a population. The quality of one's sleep may be characterized in this way. As shown by empirical research, several aspects of sleep are linked to health outcomes and are amenable to measurement using both ego and empirical means. A concept of sleep health is proposed, and soul questions for assessing it are outlined with an example description and a scoring rubric. The idea of sleep health is complementary to other goals in medical services, including patient and community empowerment, enhanced health promotion, et cost containment. ... Read More

Self-Regulation in Health Behaviour

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 12:47:02


This systematic review of current meta-analyses synthesizes research on self-regulation, a key mechanism in health behavior change treatments. The idea of feedback is central to theories of self-regulation. Individuals seek and evaluate information regarding the results of their actions in terms of how well those actions have brought them closer to their goal states. Explaining Self-Regulation in Health Behaviour When people talk about "self-regulation, " they refer to how they steer or manage their own cognitive, affective, and behavioral processes to realize their objectives. Self-regulation theory proposes that people's activities are directed by an intrinsically motivated system that includes goal-setting, ... Read More

Role of Positive Emotions

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 12:44:47


Positive emotions are a natural reaction to events and experiences in our lives. These reactions strengthen us, support us and give us the motivation we need to continue on with life. Positive emotions are also called "happy hormones, " because they always help us feel good. They can have a beneficial effect not only on our physical health but also on our mental health too. You know the feeling! That positive happy vibe you get when you see the sunrise, finish a good workout, or read an uplifting story. These are all examples of positive emotions that psychology has ... Read More

Resilience: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 12:43:04


Just three years before the initial Harry Potter novel was purchased, J.K. Rowling was divorcéed, reliant on state assistance, and battling to provide for her family. Before being purchased by publisher Bloomsbury, the book was declined numerous times. Currently, she and her works are a worldwide sensation. Lionel Messi, at age 11, was identified as having a growth hormone deficit. His parents could not afford healthcare, but FC Barcelona's sporting director learned of their hardship and set up a try-out. Messi joined the squad and generated the revenue necessary to pay for his medical care. What kept them going? ... Read More

Religion and Coping with Health-Related Stress

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 12:39:44


Various research have shown the beneficial effects of religious mediation on well-being, and epidemiological studies show that individuals regularly turn to beliefs to manage daily life stressors. As a bonus, the buffering theory has been supported by a limited number of research that show religious coping moderates the link between stress and well-being. Explaining How Beliefs are coping with Health-Related Stress Beliefs provide a meaningful context for the pain that many people experience. Whether one is dealing with a mental or physical ailment, many people turn to beliefs and holistic as a means of healing. Many people relieve their symptoms ... Read More

Relaxation Techniques: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 12:33:55


Everything from tiny annoyances like heavy traffic to major issues like a loved one's terminal sickness is all source of stress in our life. Hormones flood the body in response to stress, no matter the source. One's muscles tighten as one's heart races, and one is breathing quickens. Explaining Relaxation Techniques This "stress response" evolved to help humans live in dangerous conditions like animal attacks and natural disasters. Although modern humans are seldom put in danger by such direct means, the stress response may still be triggered by the ordinary stresses of life. We cannot and should not try ... Read More

Relapse Prevention Techniques: Meaning & Application

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 12:31:30


Relapse occurs when an alcoholic or drug addict starts drinking or using again after abstaining, sometimes for some time. A Relapse after finishing treatment is frequent for those with addictions, but it does not indicate that the therapy was unsuccessful. Instead, relapsing indicates the need for more therapy or a change in approach. Relapse prevention may be aided by knowing the causes of backsliding and any interventions used to counteract them. Explaining Techniques of Relapse Prevention Dependence is a chronic disease defined by compulsive drug use despite negative consequences. Over 20 percent of Americans from 12 and up are ... Read More

Psychological Model of Health: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 12:25:25


Medical decision-making must be delegated to the treating physician or other medical staff. However, health psychologists see thought patterns as entangled with physical phenomena in ailment and as a prospective contributory factor in well-being and illness. Meaning of the Psychological Model of Health Health psychology looks into many approaches to persuading individuals to take an active role in health promotion, disease prevention, and maintenance. Health psychologists focus on the interplay between individual and environmental influences on health-related decisions. Wellness psychology is the scientific study of how people's mental health is affected by environmental and lifestyle factors and how these factors ... Read More

Positive Health: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 16:34:33


The healthcare system worldwide focuses on curing diseases and illnesses in the human body. It all includes affordable care systems and treatment. However, a healthy state of body and mind is far more than being diseases less. There are six basic health dimensions: bodily function, mental function, spiritual beliefs, quality of life, social existence, and daily functioning. People nowadays are more aware than ever of achieving positive health. A positive approach to life may help the person to live better and have a healthy body and mind. Positive health leads to disease treatment and health-improving factors and advancing health assets. ... Read More

Protection Motivation Theory: Meaning & Application

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 13:46:47


The Protection Theory of motivation (PMT) describes why people take preventive measures when they feel their health is in danger. One's prediction that PMT's applications would broaden over four decades has been borne out. Public-Messaging Technology (PMT) may be utilized to strengthen and educate public-safety initiatives in the face of environmental dangers. The extent and frequency of natural disasters in Australia are on the rise due to global climate change, necessitating more public education efforts from Emergency Services. What is the Meaning of Protection Motivation Theory? Human behavior at the individual, family and parent-child levels has all been described using ... Read More