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Summertime Sadness: 11 Ways to Chase Away the Warm-Weather Blues

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 24-Mar-2023 11:43:01


Depressive symptoms associated with seasonal depression tend to become noticeable during the winter's darker months. Yet, scientists warn that another kind of seasonal sadness occurs throughout the spring and summer months, and it is just as harmful. Remember that everyone is different; although the winter is when most individuals suffer seasonal sadness, up to 30% of people will experience depression in the summer. It is normal for those who suffer from summer-pattern SAD, sometimes known as "reverse SAD, " to feel depressed for four to five months out of the year, even when the weather is pleasant throughout that ... Read More

Yoga & Health

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 13:22:42


The teachings of yoga, such as the practice of Asana and meditation, promote stability, and a sense of well-being, and keep a person free from both mental and physical illnesses. These methods have been extremely helpful in preserving and advancing the health of yoga practitioners since they are rich in mental and physical cleansing. What is Yoga? Yoga is a sophisticated, age-old discipline that has its roots in Indian philosophy. Yoga was initially a spiritual discipline, but it has gained popularity as a technique to support both physical and mental health. Yoga is sometimes referred to as a contemplative ... Read More

Venues of Health Habit Modification

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 13:19:31


It is difficult to break long-established routines. One must go through a series of steps to alter one's routine. It may take time for a new routine to form. Moreover, there might be obstacles in your path. Places where people may be themselves and be healthy, is an idea that sprang from people's boredom with long conferences and meetings. In the first twenty minutes after waking up, you will need to refuel and only have access to processed meals and sugary beverages. That is not how things ought to be. Thus a strategy, system, and program were developed to fix ... Read More

Transtheoretical Model: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 13:17:56


The Trans-theoretical Model, also known as the Stages of Transition Model, was created by researchers Prochaska and DiClemente in the early 1970s. In fact, it was a result of research comparing the realities of smokers who quit without further therapy with those who needed it. Meaning of Trans-Theoretical Model It was shown that if people wanted to stop smoking, they would. Therefore, the Trans-theoretical Paradigm (TTM) is a model of deliberate transformation that focuses on the choices made by a person. The TTM is based on the premise that individuals seldom make abrupt changes to their routines. In contrast, conducted ... Read More

Theory of Reasoned Action in Wellness Psychology

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 13:16:04


As this perspective sees it, actions follow from goals set for them. Intentions are the most reliable indicators of behavior since individuals make them before engaging in most voluntary actions Meaning of Theory of Reasoned Action in Wellness Psychology Information from the Hypothesis of Explained Intervention Behavior is valuable for forecasting wellness behavior and developing wellness promotion and preventive care initiatives. A community's wellness care providers, patients, and caregivers may all be described in terms of subjective standards. Asthma counseling and treatment adherence, cigarette use treatments, and generally pro-media campaigns are a few examples of how these ideas have been ... Read More

Phases of Grief by Kubler- Ross

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 13:12:22


The epidemic disrupted our daily lives, including our ability to go to school, work, socialize, and more. It has resulted in deaths worldwide and the disruption of everyday life. The recent homicide of Georges Floyd has brought attention to police brutality, killing persons of color, and racial and social inequality. Along with the normal stresses of things like exams and job hunting, the severity of civil disturbance brings grief over countless lives lost. Explaining of Grief and its Five Phases by Kubler-Ross In his book On Death and Dying, published in 1969, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross described the five phases of mourning. ... Read More

Subjective Well-Being: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 13:10:18


If asked what we are feeling in a current moment, say after passing an exam with flying colors, would the responses of all our classmates be the same? Or what if we are asked to give our happiness index? Would that be the same for everybody? Meaning of Subjective Well-Being? Subjective well-being (SWB) describes how individuals perceive and assess their existence and particular spheres and pursuits within them. Researchers' desire to learn more about SWB has risen significantly during the decade. The importance of this data comes from its capability to track demographic, financial, societal, and health problems and ... Read More

Stress and Health: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 13:07:48


In modern society, stress is endemic. Acute, symptomatic cyclical, and psychological stress are the three primary categories of stress that may affect us. For many of us, those three categories may coexist. The stress response in the human body will be the same if the stressor is external or internal, and this is the case whether the stress is genuine or imagined. The "fear response" reaction is triggered by both short- and long-term sources of stress. Rapidly rising insufficient oxygen flow to our bodies, the heartbeat, and increased focus are just a few of the effects of the hormones produced ... Read More

Social Model of Health: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 13:05:26


This paradigm developed from the heritage paradigm of disability, in which the disability rights community has argued protests for civil rights. In response to the standard Clinical prototype. With the heritage care prototype in mind, we may dissect every societal and genetic factor that influences the care Environment Meaning of the Social Model of Health No longer cares about the absence of sickness or disability but rather the presence of all aspects of physical, heritage, and mental flourishing. One of the most basic human rights is the opportunity to achieve and maintain the best possible state of care, regardless of ... Read More

Social Relationships and Health: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 13:01:05


Have there been instances when we truly felt happy when we meet a friend after a long time? Or, why do we get upset when people do not check on us when we are sick? Is there a link between how societal connections and health? Meaning Social Relationships The number and type of social contact impact overall mortality, health behavior, and physical and psychological well-being. Sociologists have been crucial in determining the link between societal ties and health outcomes, determining the reasons behind this association, and spotting social variation at the macro level. According to research, social ties have ... Read More