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Salt Alternatives

Shirjeel Yunus
Updated on 05-Jun-2023 16:30:09
What is Salt? Salt is a flavoring agent in the food and can also be used as a food preservative. Salt contains sodium which is an essential element needed by the body. Salt can balance the sweetness in food and can also suppress different flavors to make the food edible. Salt also plays a good role in enhancing the texture of the food. Why Salt alternatives? Salt has a lot of advantages but it also has a few disadvantages which are listed below: Bloating and swelling may occur as salt retains water Sodium salts can affect bones badly ... Read More

Meat Alternative

Shirjeel Yunus
Updated on 05-Jun-2023 16:22:23
What is Meat? Edible parts of animals are termed as meat. People eat the meat of birds, animals, sea creatures, etc. Meat is designated as a complete food which consists of a lot of protein. The fat included in the meat is also beneficial as it is a great source of energy. The sources of vitamins are the liver, heart, kidneys, etc. The digestion process of meat is slow. Fat digestion slows down the digestion of other things. Beef, veal, lamb, sheep, goat, and chicken are some of the popular sources of meat. People also consume meat of pigs. Why ... Read More

Flour Alternatives

Shirjeel Yunus
Updated on 05-Jun-2023 16:16:48
What is Flour? Flour is a staple food that can be extracted by grinding wheat, barley, and other grains. It is a dry food as is available in the form of powder. Wheat grains consist of 85 percent endosperm along with different types of outer layers called bran and its quantity is 13 percent. The remaining 2 percent is the embryo plant. To make refined flour, endosperm is removed but it is included in the whole wheat flour. Why Flour alternatives? There are many disadvantages of flour and its types and some of them are listed here − Refined ... Read More

Difference between Grass Fed Beef and Grain Fed Beef

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 25-Apr-2023 13:05:23
Beef cattle may be reared in a variety of ways, either on grass or in feed lots with grain. The meat quality and the cattle's living circumstances are both affected by the diet. Grass-fed cattle stick closer to their natural habitat, whereas grain-fed cattle are on managed beef programs that use corn and soy as cow feed and are kept in a more regulated environment. The final result is an animal fit for the meat market. What separates them is how they reach this turning point. Verifying the meat's provenance requires checking labels and the information supplied by the butcher. ... Read More

Difference Between Beak and Bill

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 03-Apr-2023 16:57:34
The anatomy of bird’s beaks, rostrum or bills which are used for preening, eating, fighting, courtship, feeding the young and even courtship, is adapted to their eating habits and lifestyle. Although these structures may have significant differences in color, texture, shape, and size, they are basically bony projections, in the lower and upper mandibles, and also have two holes leading to the respiratory system, commonly referred to as nares lead. The features bill, beak and rostrums are evident in different species hence serve different purposes. What is Beak? Beaks are basically a layer of the epidermis and are made up ... Read More

Picturing Proper Portion Sizes

Manish Panchal
Updated on 31-Mar-2023 16:55:25
The term "portion" describes how much food is served or consumed at one sitting. A portion size can be determined in a number of ways, including by weight, volume, or item count. Portion control is crucial since eating too much can result in weight gain and other health issues. Furthermore, there are a number of variables that can affect portion sizes, including age, gender, weight, and degree of activity. While cooking or eating at home, it might be beneficial to use measuring cups, spoons, and food scales to determine portion sizes. When eating out, it's a good idea to be ... Read More

Foods You Should not Eat When Treating a UTI

Manish Panchal
Updated on 31-Mar-2023 16:52:15
Some foods should be avoided while treating UTI because they might irritate the bladder and urinary system, making UTI symptoms worse. The body may find it more challenging to remove the bacteria causing the UTI if some foods dehydrate the body or increase urine production. Moreover, some meals can change the pH of urine and foster a bacterial habitat in the urinary system that is more favourable for growth. All variables that can exacerbate the symptoms or encourage the growth of bacteria must be kept to a minimum in order to treat a UTI efficiently. Avoiding specific foods can aid ... Read More

Collagen - Health Benefits, Food Sources, Supplements, Types

Manish Panchal
Updated on 31-Mar-2023 16:48:39
What is Collagen? The most prevalent protein in the human body is collagen, which accounts for around one-third of the body's total protein content. It plays a significant role in the development of connective tissues such skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. These tissues benefit from collagen's strength, suppleness, and support, which aids in preserving their form and function. It contributes to the healing of wounds by providing a framework for the development of new tissue. Age-related changes in the body, such as wrinkles, joint discomfort, and weakening bones, can be brought on by a decrease in collagen formation. There ... Read More

Meal Planning: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Meal Prep

Manish Panchal
Updated on 27-Mar-2023 17:05:51
A serving or combination of meals consumed at a specific time of day, such as breakfast, lunch, or supper, constitutes a meal. Typically, a meal consists of a major dish or protein source such meat, fish, beans, or tofu, as well as vegetables, grains, fruits, and other items. Meals can be made at home or bought from eateries, coffee shops, or other food establishments. Depending on a person's needs, dietary choices, and culture, a meal's type and composition may change. Meals give the body the nourishment it needs to function correctly and are a crucial aspect of daily living. Meal ... Read More

What Foods and Drinks Help Headaches?

Maithili Potnis
Updated on 24-Mar-2023 16:31:51
A headache is a common form of pain which may be temporary or for a longer period. Food and drinks play a vital role in headaches. While some may be helpful, some may trigger headaches. If we identify the underlying cause along with foods and drinks that are triggering the headache, we can eliminate them and get relief. Let us have a look at different foods and drinks that may help to relieve headaches along with foods and drinks that you should avoid during headaches. Foods and Drinks to Relieve Headaches Doctors usually classify headaches as per the type and ... Read More