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How to Get Better at Facing Your Fears, According to Science

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 06-Mar-2023 14:00:50
Since ancient times, we have known that fear is an evolutionary instinct. It is instrumental in keeping us safe from anything that might harm us, from alligators in the swamps to other people who might try and rob or murder us. The fear response system primarily involves the amygdala - a brain region controlling an individual's emotional responses. This part of our brain reacts quickly when we sense danger around us. The amygdala helps us to do this by sending signals to the rest of the brain, causing a "fight or flight" response which causes the release of adrenaline into ... Read More

Coping with the Fear of Adult Night Terrors

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 03-Feb-2023 22:34:06
It can be scary when you wake up panicked, knowing something is wrong but not quite sure what. Many different things can cause adult night terrors, and they're more common than we think: about 25% of adults experience them at some time in their lives. But don't worry! You have lots of options for ending the fear. Read on to find out more about adult night terrors and how to stop them from being so frightening! What is an adult night terror? A sleep disturbance is when you wake up feeling like something wrong or terrifying is happening, but ... Read More