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Navratna Jewellery: Meaning & Types

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Updated on 07-Dec-2022 11:48:35


The history of Navaratna jewellery dates back to ancient India and is quite fascinating. Seven planets and two “nodes” are thought to make up the Hindu universe. These are collectively known as the nine planets. The navagrahas, also known as the celestial gods, relate to each of the nine planets. Nine gemstones, known as the navaratna, are linked to each of the nine celestial gods. The sun, moon, five planets, and two “nodes” of the Earth are all represented by one of the nine heavenly gods. They make up the Hindu universe collectively. The nine planets and the gods they ... Read More

Meenakari Jewellery: Meaning & Types

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Since jewellery is such an intriguing topic, jewellery designers have always been busy experimenting with new designs and new materials in an effort to produce a better piece than they have in the past. Even those who enjoy wearing jewellery find it invigorating to explore various metals and styles. This undoubtedly raises the wearer’s fashion quotient because the present generation is always looking for variation. The modern era does, however, favour certain fresh approaches to bridal fashion in order to provide the bride with the ideal fusion of a contemporary and traditional appearance on the most significant occasion of her ... Read More

Kundan Jewellery: Meaning & Style

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Updated on 06-Dec-2022 11:25:22


India is a nation renowned for the variety of its culture, religion, and handicrafts. It is widely known for its traditional jewellery as well as its luxurious fabrics. There are many different designs, styles, and types available. Kundan, an antique kind of jewellery that is embellished with gems and gold foil, is one of the most well-known kinds of jewellery. Because it is thought that the production of kundan began in the royal courts of Rajasthan centuries ago, it is regarded as being of royal origin. Others refer to it as Jaipuri or Bikaneri jewelry. The word “kundan” indicates exquisite ... Read More

Jewellery Materials: Meaning & Types

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Plant and animal life were the first materials used to make items for personal ornamentation. Vegetable fibres served as its support, while the material derived from the animal kingdom, whether in its natural or processed form, served as the actual ornamentation. A wide variety of shells and shell fragments were used, and are still used, in some island and coastal cultures to make necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and headdresses during the prehistoric era. The first materials utilised for personal ornamentation in the interior regions were mammoth tusks, reindeer and other animal horns, and later, amber and lignite. All materials used to ... Read More

Hats: As a Fashion Symbol

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Hats are head coverings that can be used for everyday use, weather protection, or special occasions like religious rituals and public events. You can find hats made of felt, cotton, wool, or plastic, among other materials. Men and women both wear hats, although during the early part of the 20th century, men’s hats were more frequently necessary. Hats can convey social standing in a similar way to how a crown announces a royal birth. As many police and military personnel, postal workers, and religious figures wear hats as part of their uniforms, headgear can also serve as a workplace indicator. ... Read More

Handmade Jewellery: A Symbol of Culture

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People who enjoy accessorising have always needed jewelry. One unique item can significantly alter how an outfit is presented. Since there are so many varieties, handmade jewellery stands out for its distinction. Beading, carving, filigree, engraving, sequining, knitting, painting, and other handicrafting techniques have all been continuously developed throughout history in all cultures, which undoubtedly increases the variety of handmade jewelry. Many different metals and gemstones, including crystal, quartz, turquoise, coral, and amethyst, as well as brass, copper, silver, and gold, are used in the creation of handmade jewelry. Even more unusual materials, including glass beads, fabric, acrylic, and organic/natural ... Read More

Gloves: Meaning & Significance

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Since the beginning of elites’ existence, gloves have been a common part of apparel. Even the remains of the ancient pharaoh’s gloves were discovered when archaeologists were digging through his tomb. Gloves were primarily used by ancient humans as a form of defense. Hand covers made from animal skins and fur were crucial instruments for survival and self-preservation because of the harsh living and working environment. Gloves evolved into a kind of symbolic object over time. Popes and other clergy were described in Middle Ages texts as wearing delicately pearlized white silk gloves. Gloves made of luxurious and exquisite fabric ... Read More

Footwear Materials: Meaning & Types

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Updated on 06-Dec-2022 11:01:24

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An attractive pair of shoes delivers comfort without sacrificing style. Although it’s simple to concentrate on the shape or style of your shoes, the material is what matters most. The design will work or fail based on the material. It can give you the impression that you’re walking on clouds or the support you require to stand all day. Here, the five most popular materials for shoes are discussed, including various kinds of leather, synthetics, and textiles. Material Types The logical step in addressing sustainability is material selection. The remaining phases of a shoe’s lifecycle are impacted by the ... Read More

Footwear Designing: Scope & Career

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In today’s materialistic society, a person’s appearance is largely determined by the clothes and shoes they choose to wear. An essential component of correct attire is footwear. A pair of poor shoes can completely ruin an otherwise fantastic outfit, while a pair of good shoes can make it appear even better. The market and the number of manufacturing firms are rapidly expanding due to the rise in designer footwear demand and variety. India is the second-largest country for footwear design after China. In the dynamic world of footwear design, new patterns and designs are developed while taking current trends, customer ... Read More

Filigree Jewellery: Meaning and Making

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Everybody is interested in jewellery since the word itself is so attractive. The recent focus on the fashion jewellery trend has increased the popularity of old traditional art forms used for jewellery creation. The reason is not only due to the distinctive designs, which raise a person’s level of style, but also to the affordable price, which is accessible to everybody. Indian culture is adorned with a wide variety of jewellery, and filigree work is among the most alluring types that have been produced by artisans for centuries. With their exquisite designs, filigree-made ornamental items and designer jewellery have captivated ... Read More