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How does a facebook transcoder work?

Priya Mishra
Updated on 08-Aug-2023 11:09:57


Social media platforms have become an essential aspect of our everyday existence in the ever-changing digital realm. Among these platforms, Facebook stands out as a frontrunner and immensely popular network, consistently aiming to improve user satisfaction through the introduction of fresh characteristics and advancements. A notable technology employed by Facebook to facilitate the smooth exchange of multimedia content is the Facebook Transcoder. This article will provide an in-depth exploration of the internal mechanisms of the Facebook Transcoder, its significance in optimizing media files, and the valuable impact it has on the overall user experience. Understanding the Role of a ... Read More

Facebook's Object Detection with Detection Transformer (DETR)

Updated on 26-Jul-2023 16:44:46


Introduction In later a long time, computer vision has seen exceptional advancements, much appreciated to the application of deep learning models. One such groundbreaking model is the Detection Transformer (DETR), created by Facebook AI Research. DETR has revolutionized question detection by combining the control of transformers, a sort of deep learning architecture, with convolutional neural networks (CNNs). In this article, we are going dive into the internal workings of DETR, investigate its unique approach to object location, and highlight its effect on the field of computer vision. Understanding the DETR Design At the center of DETR lies a ... Read More

What are the differences between Microsoft Teams and Skype?

Bhanu Priya
Updated on 17-Mar-2022 06:12:24


Microsoft Team is a business communication platform which is developed by Microsoft team as a part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. It offers workspace chat, video conferencing, file storage and application integration.Skype is a Microsoft product which offers free video and audio calling which also has the ability to call landlines and smartphones with paid services anywhere in the world. It has a first mover advantage. It came into existence before the Facebook messenger.DifferencesThe major differences between Microsoft Team and Skype are as follows −Microsoft TeamsSkypeThis is a video conferencing and collaboration tool which exists in 2017, Now ... Read More

What are the differences between Skype and Facebook Messenger?

Bhanu Priya
Updated on 17-Mar-2022 05:38:38


Skype is a Microsoft product which offers free video and audio calling which is also having the ability to call landlines and smartphones with paid services anywhere in the world. It has a first mover advantage. It came into existence before the Facebook messenger.Facebook Messenger allows users to play in-app games, make video and audio calls along with sending or receiving payments. It is tied up with the social media platform. It is not a paid service. It is free of cost.DifferencesThe major differences between Skype and Facebook Messenger −SkypeFacebook MessengerSkype doesn’t have stories and it makes a professional feel. ... Read More

Facebook introduces video as your profile pic!

Samual Sam
Updated on 28-Jan-2020 12:29:39


Now you can upload a 7-second video as your profile pic. Isn’t that great? You can upload a fun-filled video or just a formal introduction in just that small little profile space describing you.Along with the profile video, you can now, highlight your bio-data with a 100-character bio field.And we have an updated mobile-centric design with centered profile photos. You want more? Facebook has Big sections for photos and friends, temporary profile pics, option to pin feature photos to the top of the profile! What more can you ask for?This helps you to highlight the most important things in your ... Read More

Coming Up- Brain Wave Conversations with Your Computer From Facebook

Sharon Christine
Updated on 24-Jan-2020 06:43:51


Have you ever wished to write a long email on your laptop or desktop without typing on the keyboard? Isn’t it great if all your writing jobs can be completed without touching the keyboard giving your fingers the much-needed rest? And, how about chatting with your friends on a social media platform without using the tiny keyboard of your phone?.Just imagine how amazing it will be, when you can able to prepare your presentation or replying to your boss’s email by transmitting thoughts directly to computer without the keyboard, or any other input devices. Isn’t it great? But can it ... Read More

What is Facebook Workplace? Can it compete with SLACK and Microsoft’s TEAMS?

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 12:07:42


Great companies work on enormous connections. It is the collaboration between employees which keeps the work going, ideas get shared instantaneously, decisions are taken faster, the entire team is updated, and stays on the same page at all times. These connections eventually drive employees to strive harder and perform to the best of their ability. In this article, we discuss the various enterprise social media for communication and collaboration: Facebook Workplace, Slack and Microsoft’s Teams and how they stand against each other in times of tough competition.Facebook WorkplaceBusiness ideas are needed to turn into action. Goals and expectations are required ... Read More

How to Avoid online Scams on Facebook?

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 05-May-2022 07:14:47


With seven hundred million plus users all over the globe, Facebook is a perfect podium for scam artists. For a scammer, it requires little research on your interest, one simple friend request and once you add them in your friend list, the further process of phishing and scamming runs smoothly.This mega program runs through ‘Social Engineering’, which means understanding common user habit along with behavior and make best use of those to design eye-catching headlines. A simple click on them can redirect you safely to unsafe scam page. There you might be asked to input your login details and personal ... Read More