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How does exercise affect the rate of carbon dioxide production?

Shanmukh Pasumarthy
Updated on 29-Apr-2022 06:28:31

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When we work out, the muscles we utilize require more energy. At the point when exercise can be controlled, this requirement is met essentially by aerobic means. Vigorous energy generation in muscles brings about an increase in the gas exchange rate in the lungs since more oxygen is taken in and more carbon dioxide is discharged. Your blood transports these metabolic gasses to and from your tissues.Carbon dioxide yield depends to a great extent on the measure of energy your body is utilizing. Your body continually needs vitality for fundamental operations, for example, your heart and digestive system. This implies ... Read More

What are the six foods that can be consumed while aiming for six-pack abs?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 26-Jun-2020 13:57:58


When answering such a question the assumption is that the questioner is also making the necessary physical effort which is the critical part of achieving six packs. The right food not just compliments the physical effort but is also necessary to achieve this goal. Hence, while planning the right diet to achieve the six-pack abs, list down the food items that you need to avoid altogether or cut down drastically.Begin with greasy and oily junk food such as burgers, fried chicken, pizza, pastries and everything that adds calories. Since it's difficult to completely cut down on these, minimize their intake ... Read More

What is a ketogenic diet?

yashwanth sitamraju
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24


Yes, we can lose weight by just controlling our diet without exercising. So, here is the diet that should be followed to lose 10 kilograms in a month. This diet is a zero carbohydrate diet known as a ketogenic diet which consists 80% of fat and 20% of protein. Let us look into the diet in detail.What is a ketogenic diet?A ketogenic diet is basically high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates. Cutting carbohydrates will help you in losing weight in the quick span of time.How does ketogenic diet work?As carbs are reduced and fats are ... Read More

Why is it that there are hardly any weight loss regimens/treatments that really work?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 09:41:42


Weight loss regimens have to be planned scientifically and monitored closely. Somebody tells about some home remedies to reduce your weight which has worked on them. You immediately start working on it and you find no results. This happens because weight reduction involves knowledge of your BMI - Body Mass Index and your medical conditions like Hypothyroid etc., If you start working on weight loss simply ignoring these facts, you will not lose weight and above that, you will feel demotivated.It is not true that weight loss treatments do not work. They will definitely work if you follow them scrupulously ... Read More

Which one is good to be fit Jogging, Gym or Yoga?

Om Sharma
Updated on 26-Jun-2020 14:43:04


Good question. However, to answer this question another question awaits a reply, i.e. which purpose do you want to serve through any of the aforementioned exercises? Here, we need to remember that you pick any form of exercise as per the aim you have. For instance, if you want to build muscles, go for weight training whereas if your focus is only on shedding pounds from your body then cycling and swimming can give you the best results. So, let's discuss in brief what purpose does a particular exercise serve?JoggingRunning at a gentle pace or (if marked specifically) running slower ... Read More