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Difference between SE01, SE09 and SE10 Transactions in SAP

Swarali Sree
Updated on 11-Dec-2019 10:25:17
Both SE09 and SE10 were used in earlier releases of SAP for different purposes.SE09 – This was used for development of transportsSE10 – This was used for customizing the transports request. When you run SE10 in SAP ERP, you will get the same screen as in T-Code SE09 of Transport Organizer.In the latest version of SAP NetWeaver, both the Transactions are same.SE01 –This combines the features of both SE09 and SE10. Apart from that, there are many other features included in it like displaying specific transport request.

Difference between an SAP ERP system and DBMS

Samual Sam
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
DBMS or Database Management system is basically the tool/interface required to manage the database.  For example, SQL server or a tool like MYSQL workbench is a DBMS. A DBMS is mainly used by or designed for technical people.ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) is a complete system with one database and number of function modules and has a number of inputs and output interfaces to be used by everyone. For example, there can be a user interface for customer or business people, another for technical people with various skills.So basically we can say that DBMS can be a subset of ERP. ... Read More

How to check modules, functions, and tables in SAP ERP system.

Samual Sam
Updated on 17-Feb-2020 07:51:21
For searching within RFC modules, you can use the transaction BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) for searching modules. The advantage of this approach is that they are completely documented and available on SAP website with sample usage examples. Also, SAP provides support for the same and in case you are stuck somewhere, SAP support will be a good hand for guidance.Also, you can use transaction SE80, SE84 to query for modules, programs. Search using this supports the search for names, id, and descriptions.You can also use RS_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN for searching across ABAP programs. It works fine with sub-system search but for ... Read More

What is the open/standardized file format for exporting invoices in SAP ERP System?

Sharon Christine
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
SAP uses IDoc known as an intermediate document to exchange data between logical systems. If your system involves non-SAP systems as well, then IDoc can be used as a standard interface for data exchange between SAP and non-SAP systems.IDoc is a container for information exchange. IDoc is made by message type and method of Objects when information is to be exchanged. The message type is the configuration in which the information for a particular business process is transmitted electronically. An IDoc consists of several data segments, headers and status records. Also, it can be extended by extending IDoc types to add ... Read More

How to Learn SAP ERP System?

Samual Sam
Updated on 11-Dec-2019 09:23:50
SAP Education provides training courses (authorized for training and certification) to learn SAP. Other training institutes are also there which are not official. We can also get SAP information from books and different websites like: sites that you can use to learn SAP are: also need to do practice with real-time SAP system instead of theoretical knowledge however due to expensive software license and hardware requirements it’s impossible to install SAP on a personal computer. By paying some amount we can use SAP remote servers with a sample database. These sample systems are easily available over the internet for common ... Read More

What is SAP ERP system?

Swarali Sree
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. As the name suggests, it is an application used for data processing like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).The SAP is mainly used in business that consists of different independent modules (Financial, Administrative, Sales & Distribution, Production Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Material Management) which are integrated for business management. SAP manage all resources of an organization in a very effective way and make a plan how to get maximum utilization of resources (Materials, Manpower, Money, and Services). SAP ERP system gives a centralized access control to the database/modules that run in any organization ... Read More

Can anyone help me about integration of Hybris with SAP ERP?

Monica Mona
Updated on 26-Feb-2020 06:12:28
Many companies have an on-premise solution that contains master data, customer and product information, and pricing data. Details from SAP ECC system is required when opportunities are won and the sales order is generated.Following are the key reasons why an integration is required with SAP ERP and CRM system −To provide an organization level solution for all sales, marketing and service activities including all subsidiaries, sales offices.Many companies prefer as SAP Cloud solution for customer user experience that helps sales representatives to provide outstanding customer experience and SAP CRM as back-end system to support key activities.An organization wants to extend ... Read More

Extracting data from SAP ERP for a Third Party SystemExtracting data from SAP ERP for a Third Party System

Nitya Raut
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
Let’s talk the standard way - It would be a great option to opt for creating a REST based ODATA services. You can expose the SAP functionalities mainly BAPI or any RFC as a service with SAP gateway. SAP gateway lets applications to exchange data across a variety of technologies and applications.In case the requirements are not extensive and can be catered by existing API’s exposed by SAP, then you can just enable the required services for usage. These APIs will require good hands-on knowledge of SAP Services.You can build an SAP source data plugin using JAVA and JAVA SAP ... Read More

Integrating Magneto with SAP ECC system

V Jyothi
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
With the integration of SAP ERP with Magneto, you can perform bidirectional communication of orders, sales, and other business data. To check if there is an existing connector, you can reach to SAP support. There are various other vendors in the market who provides ERP-Magneto integration.Integration of ERP-Magneto provides benefit like flexibility, data synchronization, reliability, and security.You can try this link- says that with some customization, you can integrate your ERP solution with Magneto. For integration, your ERP provider has to implement the option to read/write the required files/data to/from the ERP system. For any ERP software integration, it ... Read More

Installing free version of SAP ERP to learn ABAP

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
You can install a free trial from SAP site, but for that, you require an SAP Partner ID. SAP also provides developer trial and you can install the following link: SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP comes with a temporary license that allows you to logon to the system. As a first step before using the system, you need to install a 90 days Minisap licenseYou can see all SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP version available for download, Installation Procedure and How to Guide as well.You can also refer to this link to know about license terms, PAM and other details related ... Read More