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Solid Waste

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 12-Jan-2023 13:29:47
What is Solid Waste? Solid waste refers to unwanted or useless solid objects generated due to human activities. These solid objects may be found in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Solid waste is usually thrown away in landfills as garbage but there are ways to manage these waste products so that they do not impact the health and well-being of humans. Solid waste can be categorized into three main types depending on its origin, contents, and hazard potential. For example In terms of origin, waste can be divided into domestic, industrial, commercial, construction, or institutional. Similarly, depending on ... Read More

Jhum Cultivation' leading to Deforestation

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Updated on 12-Jan-2023 13:29:11
What is Jhum Cultivation? Jhum cultivation, popularly known as slash-and-burn agriculture relies on burning and clearing the forests after cultivation. It is a practice followed often by tropical-forest root-crop farmers in various parts of the world. It is used for animal grazing by farmers in South and Central America. The dry rice cultivators of southeast Asia also follow the system. In the beginning period, the ash generated due to burning provides some fertilization and the land becomes weed free, but after a few times of use, the land becomes unfertile and weeds increase heavily making the land deforested and unusable ... Read More

Causes and Effects of Deforestation

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Updated on 12-Jan-2023 13:28:22
Introduction Every living being is at threat of extinction if deforestation continues at its current pace. This also includes human beings. We must preserve forests if we want to sustain ourselves in this world. However, till now, no palpable initiative has been taken by us to stop deforestation that is going at a rapid rate on Earth for various human-related causes. In this tutorial, we will discuss what deforestation is, what causes it, and what are some major effects of it. What is Deforestation? Deforestation refers to the removal of trees from a forest. It is also known as clearcutting, ... Read More

Types and Importance of Biodiversity

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Updated on 12-Jan-2023 13:26:43
Introduction Biodiversity is a term that refers to the enormous variety of life forms on earth. Often, the term is used to describe the life forms of a particular ecosystem. It refers to every living thing - from the tiny bacteria that cannot be seen with the naked eye, to plants, and to humans in the ecosystem of a region or area. Much of the biodiversity is still unknown to humans. According to an estimation, there are about 8.7 million living beings or species in existence on the Earth out of which only 1.2 million have been identified and ... Read More

Delhi - The Worst Polluted City in India

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Updated on 12-Jan-2023 13:20:49
Introduction The capital city of India, Delhi is not only the worst polluted city in India, but it has become the most polluted city in the world too. The city’s air is so hazardous that officials must close schools for several days at a stretch so that students and little ones are not exposed to the dangerously unsafe air directly while going to school in the morning. The air pollution in Delhi has been a political battle between the state and central governments as the center blames the state government for failing to contain the pollution at a large scale ... Read More

Elastic Collisions

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Updated on 12-Jan-2023 12:42:26
Introduction Collision is said to take place when two bodies come into contact with each other in which at least one body should be in moving condition. Elastic collisions are collisions in which the total kinetic energy remains the same. In other words, collisions in which kinetic energy stays constant are called elastic collisions. Elastic collisions may occur between one static and one moving body or between two moving bodies. As no collision can occur between two elastic bodies, the concept of elastic collision is limited to moving objects only. In the case of elastic collision, the total kinetic ... Read More


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Updated on 12-Jan-2023 12:44:09
What is Eutrophication? Eutrophication refers to the process in which a water body gets overtly rich in nutrients. As a result, too many algae and plankton grow in such water bodies. They consume almost all the organic oxygen available in the water bodies leaving no oxygen left for the animals that use to exist in them, such as fish. Ultimately due to the growth of too many algae and plankton, the water bodies turn into dead zones. Moreover, eutrophication is also a major environmental concern because it deteriorates the quality of a water body. Eutrophication is inorganic nutrient enrichment in ... Read More

World Deforestation Status

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Updated on 12-Jan-2023 12:49:46
Introduction: What is Deforestation? Deforestation or forest degradation refers to the cutting down of trees. As more than 30 percent of the world is covered by trees, mass logging of trees is causing forests to shrink in large amounts. That is a reason for concern because such large-scale deforestation is leading to an imbalance in ecosystems around the world. Deforestation is a major issue of our time and we need to take serious note of it. The tutorial discusses some of the statistics that are eye-opening in nature about deforestation and its effects. One can understand from the tutorial what ... Read More