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One hot encoding to improve machine learning performance

Jay Singh
Updated on 31-Jul-2023 19:12:31


One hot encoding is essential for machine learning since it allows algorithms to interpret categorical variables. This approach makes it simple to process by representing each category as a binary vector. In order to enhance machine learning speed, our blog article outlines one hot encoding and offers a practical project with sample data and code. What is One hot encoding? A technique for expressing categorical data such that machine learning algorithms can quickly analyze it is known as "one hot encoding." This approach converts each category into a binary vector of length equal to the number of categories. How One ... Read More

How to become a data scientist?

Jay Singh
Updated on 31-Jul-2023 18:59:11


Data science is a creative, exciting field that combines an understanding of business, statistics, and computer science to unlock the secrets of data. All kinds of businesses and organizations are eager to take advantage of the limitless opportunities presented by the growing data supply and make more informed decisions. The volume of data produced is astonishing. By using data to streamline their operations, acquire a competitive edge, and get a deeper understanding of their clientele, these forward-thinking businesses are ushering in a new era of business. Obviously, there is a greater need for knowledgeable data scientists who are adept at ... Read More

Google Colab ñ Running ML with Low-Spec Device

Jay Singh
Updated on 31-Jul-2023 18:58:05


Over the past few years, advances in a variety of fields, including computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition, have made the field of machine learning (ML) more and more well-liked. Executing the models and algorithms, however, need strong hardware, which is one of the biggest difficulties encountered by individuals working in ML. This can seriously impede the ability of persons without access to powerful computers to do their tasks. Running ML models on low-end devices have become considerably simpler, though, owing to Google Colab. So, what is Google Colab? Google Colab, a cloud-based service, is the best option ... Read More

Designing a product recommendation system based on taxonomy

Jay Singh
Updated on 31-Jul-2023 18:49:44


As online shopping continues to gain popularity, personalized recommendations have gained significance in e-commerce. Finding exactly what a customer wants might be difficult due to the millions of goods that are accessible online. This is where personalized recommendations can help by giving users recommendations that are specific to their needs and habits. Taxonomy-based recommendation systems are one method for individualized suggestions. It is simpler to search for and retrieve information when objects or concepts are organized and classified according to a taxonomy, which is a hierarchical structure. In this article, we'll take a closer look at a taxonomy-based product recommendation ... Read More

How to become a Chartered Data Scientist?

Updated on 28-Jul-2023 17:57:59


Introduction In a time where information rules supreme, the part of a data scientist has become indispensable. Among the various certifications accessible, one stands out as the apex of accomplishment: becoming a Chartered Data Scientist. This distinguished title implies expertise, specialist, and a faithful commitment to brilliance within the domain of information science. In this article, we set out on an energizing journey, disclosing the privileged insights and steps to getting to be a Chartered Data Scientist. What is a Chartered Data Scientist? A Chartered Data Scientist is a proficient assignment that recognizes individuals with progressed abilities ... Read More

Top 10 Machine Learning Startups in 2023

Pallav Sharma
Updated on 26-Jul-2023 14:27:35


The field of machine learning has become very popular in the last few years with significant innovation and advancement in this field. There are lots of machine learning startups in the world that are trying to solve some real-world problems with the help of machine learning, these companies are using machine learning to automate complex processes, develop new products and services, and make better decisions with the help of machine learning. Here are the top 10 machine learning startups in 2023. 1. OpenAI OpenAI is the world’s leading machine learning and artificial intelligence startup which was founded in 2015 by several ... Read More

Top 5 Machine Learning Trends For 2023

Pallav Sharma
Updated on 26-Jul-2023 14:26:25


Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence in which machines learn from the data and make predictions or decisions on the new data without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is an industry that is continuously evolving with several new innovations coming up every year. The market for artificial intelligence is expected to be worth $500 billion in 2023 and $1, 597.1 billion in 2030. This indicates that there will be a continued high demand for machine-learning technologies in the future. In this article, we will see the top 5 machine-learning trends for 2023. 1. Foundation Models Foundation models are large ... Read More

Data Science Lifecycle

Pallav Sharma
Updated on 26-Jul-2023 14:24:33


Data science is a field that combines statistical analysis, machine learning, and computer science to extract insight and knowledge from the data. From identifying business problems to implementing predictive models, a data science lifecycle is a methodical strategy for managing data science projects. The complete method has a number of steps including data collection, data cleaning, data transformation, modeling, and model evaluation and deployment. It’s a very long process and some general steps have been defined for a data science project which is used in all data science projects. In this article, we will discuss the different stages of a ... Read More

Data Science Fundamentals

Pallav Sharma
Updated on 26-Jul-2023 14:23:38


Data science is an emerging field in which we try to extract useful insights and knowledge from the data. Data science is using data to answer questions. Nowadays data is the most important aspect for every business and startup and with the exponential growth in data volume, data science has become an increasingly important field. Data science is the combination of various fields such as statistics and machine learning. In this article, we will discuss the fundamentals of data science and the tools and techniques used in the field. Data Science Process The data science process is the set of ... Read More

What is Loss Function in Data Science

Premansh Sharma
Updated on 24-Jul-2023 17:55:54


Introduction A loss function, often referred to as a cost function or an error function, is a metric used in data science to assess how well predictions made by a machine learning model match the actual values or goals in the training data. It quantifies the difference between real and predicted values and offers a single scalar number that exemplifies the model's effectiveness. Problems with Multi−Collinearity n is the number of data points in the dataset. y represents the true values of the target variable. ŷ represents the predicted values generated by the regression model. The choice of ... Read More

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