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Organizational Buying Behaviour

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 31-Mar-2023 11:47:17

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Organizational buying behavior refers to how businesses purchase goods and services. It is influenced by several factors, including the type of organization, size, the nature of the product or service being purchased, and the organizational buyer's role. Organizational buying behavior can be divided into three main types: routine buying, modified rebuying, and new buying. Routine buying occurs when an organization purchases goods or services similar to those previously purchased. The decision-making process is relatively simple and well-defined and usually occurs within a single department or function. Modified rebuy occurs when an organization purchases goods or services similar to ... Read More

The Purchase Process

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It is always complex for a buyer to go through the purchasing process, especially one as extensive as an extended problem-solving (EPS) scenario. The customer may frequently become frustrated due to the size, complexity, and features of the many buying options; the final two steps of such consumer decision-making are the purchase and post-purchase. The purchase stage is more important from the standpoint of the manufacturers or marketers. An Overview of the Purchase Process Before we examine buying anatomy, it will be helpful to visualize the many sorts of buying. Customers make two kinds of purchases. Purchases made on ... Read More

Role of Consumers in Branding

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Gone are the days when companies could rely solely on their marketing department to create and communicate brand meaning to consumers. Today, consumers are increasingly playing an active role in shaping the meaning of brands through their participation in brand-related activities such as product design, advertising campaigns, and online communities. The way we think about marketing has undergone a fundamental shift in recent years. Gone are the days when companies could create a product or service, market it to consumers, and expect them to consume it passively. Today's consumers demand more and want to be actively involved in ... Read More

Smoking Advertising and Adolescent Behaviour

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With the increase in smoking habits of individuals, especially adolescents, it becomes crucial to raise questions about why this is becoming an easy release of stress. The way people fall back on smoking as a coping mechanism is alarming and should necessitate and demand changes after the causes have been exacted. Smoking Advertising and Adolescent Behaviour According to tobacco industry representatives, the goal of advertisement and marketing for tobacco is to grow a brand's customer base among current smokers rather than to attract new users. They vehemently assert that the target audience for their marketing efforts is not the ... Read More

Strategic Planning in Branding

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Branding a product or firm distinguishes it from others in today's cluttered marketplace of goods from numerous businesses and builds its worth in consumers' perceptions. By utilizing the concepts of branding, all kinds of businesses and organizations want to capture a portion of the minds of their target audiences. Such branding, though, cannot be accomplished in a single day. Establishing an influence that is powerful and credible enough to be referred to as a brand takes strategic preparation and persistent efforts to carry out that strategy over time. Strategic Planning in Branding It has been emphasized throughout this unit ... Read More

Volunteerism and Marketing Mix

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The market is a potent concoction of ethical and mildly unethical insights covered in a sheath of an in-depth understanding of people and their actions. We regularly visit numerous social media platforms and interact with a bunch of people who allude to us about their lifestyles and preach about the good things they are doing, which rejuvenates us to follow suit. By weighing our pros and cons, an overarching sense of social desirability takes top gear and pushes us to participate in activities. Volunteerism and Marketing Mix Social marketers aim to influence individuals to make voluntary decisions by making ... Read More

Underlying Motives and Facets of Sporting Events: A Consumer Perspective

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Consumer behavior is a complex field that studies how individuals, groups, or organizations decide to purchase or use products and services. When it comes to sporting events, understanding consumer behavior is essential, as it helps businesses to cater to the needs of their target audience better. The following are some of the factors that influence consumer behavior in the context of sporting events. Sporting Events Sports fanaticism has also been studied regarding the underlying motivations that drive fans to watch competitive sports and how viewers absorb sporting events. A conceptual review explored various ideas that may apply to fans' ... Read More

Transactional Approach to Consumer Environment

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Consumer-environment research has evolved, and the transactional approach is gaining prominence. The transactional approach focuses on the cognitive and behavioral responses of the consumer to the environment and the impact of these responses on the environment. Consumer-environment research is a vast field that examines the interplay between consumers and their environment. It involves understanding how consumers perceive, interpret, and respond to environmental stimuli and how the environment shapes consumer behavior. The transactional approach is one of the most promising approaches to understanding this complex interplay. What is the Transactional Approach? The transactional approach is a theoretical framework that posits ... Read More

Psychological Models of Buying Behavior

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There are many explanations for buying behaviour, among them, four are the psychological explanations of buying behavior. According to the learning model, human behavior is founded on many core ideas, including drives, stimuli, cues, reactions, and reinforcements, which define human needs and behavior to meet those needs. The psychoanalytic model attempts to address a significant weakness of the preceding stimulus-response model by including intervening factors such as family and social environment. The Gestalt model, which provided important insights and a fresh perspective on human vision, and the Cognitive theory, which was able to give legitimate explanations for many previously ... Read More

Technology and Innovation for Consumer

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Technological advancements have enabled many businesses to reinvent how they structure, manage, and even own their operations in recent years. This inventive storm has impacted most manufacturing and industrial engineering industries. Innovation is causing a paradigm change in how business is conducted in a rapidly globalizing market. The process of bringing fresh ideas to delighted customers is known as innovation. It is the incorporation of new information into new goods and services. Organizational innovation is often sought, yet it is frequently left to chance. The perception is that innovation is an unforeseen process that industrial engineers need to be ... Read More

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