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Chapter Summary Image: Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu The chapter “Kathmandu” narrates a journal of the trip experienced by Vikram Seth who visited Kathmandu. This chapter is an excerpt from his book Heaven Lake. The author hitchhiked from China to visit India, along the route he crossed Tibet and Nepal. In this story, the author narrates his experience during his stay in Kathmandu in the form of a travelogue where he vividly describes the intricate details of the city and what he feels about it. He visited two of the most popular temples of the city, notably, the Pashupatinath temple and ... Read More

If I were You

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Chapter Summary “If I were you” followed the life of the playwright named Gerrard. This play followed a simple flow. This play is written by Douglas James, it is an account of how Gerrard escaped the grip of a killer with the help of sheer wit and cleverness. The play begins with a structure that Gerrard is about to leave for rehearsal and at that very time, he encounters an intruder. Gerrard then finds himself in a complex condition and he went to convince the intruder to not kill him. The killer intended to steal Gerard’s identity to escape captivity. ... Read More

The Sound of Music

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Chapter Summary “The Sound of Music” story summaries the story of two music maestros and their music journey. Students will learn about the musical legends as the shehnai player. This story also signifies the great art of learning the music of Evelyn, who was not able to hear. She was taught music by feelings instead of listening to it by ear. Her teacher found potential within her and the probability of achieving something which was known as impossible at that time. This story also signifies the origin of shehnai, Bismillah Khan that made the use of a musical instrument called ... Read More

The Snake and the Mirror

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Chapter Summary “The Snake and the Mirror” is a story about self-discovery presented in a humorous shell. The narrator of the story is a foolish and vain young man who realises amid a moment of crisis that he is stupid poor and foolish. The narrator informed the readers that he came to know about this story from a homoeopathic doctor. The story follows the life of an unmarried doctor who indulges in deep thinking on a hot summer night. Suddenly in the middle of the thinking session, the doctor experienced a shock as he saw a snake had fallen on ... Read More

The Bond of Love

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Chapter Summary The story “The Bond of Love” written by Kenneth Anderson is a beautiful story that catches the tropes of love and humanity by showcasing the love between an animal and a human. The story described the interaction and the bond between Bruno, a bear and the author’s wife who adopted him. Bruno or Baba was a gift to the author’s wife by the author as he rescued it and saved its life. As time flew by the author’s wife and Bruno developed a strong bond of love and soon, the author’s wife started treating Bruno like her own ... Read More

Reach for the Top

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Chapter Summary “Reach for the Top” concerns the retelling of biographies of two most renowned and prominent women in today's world of discrimination against women. The text is about two women named Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova and their passion for their achievements. It is seen that these two personalities have struggled in their pathways to achieve their dreams. The common aspect in both their lives regards the hardships they have endured by defying all odds. Through their firm decisions and determination, both these two personalities have achieved their dreams. In order to achieve this, it is noticed that they ... Read More


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Chapter Summary “Packing” is one of the most comic scenarios that have been taken from the famous book, named Three Men in a Boat by the author Jerome K. Jerome. This book encompasses around, Jerome and his two friends, named Harris and George and a dog named Montmorency. The narrative Packing was about three friends getting ready for their trip and in doing that they offer a fascinatingly hilarious drama. It is known that packing is quite essential prior to make a trip, and so the author Jerome and his friends initiated packing their essentials. However, through this packing ... Read More

My Childhood

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Chapter Summary The story narrates the life of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam from his childhood memories and early life. This autobiographical account of the childhood of Dr Kalam embodies the themes of prejudice, harmony, change and tradition. The story further outlines the backgrounds and contexts that allowed Dr Kalam to become a successful scientist and the President of India. The story properly catches the tropes of the childhood of Dr Kalam starting from his upbringing to his friend circle, his siblings along with the influence of his parents in his life. In simple words, My Childhood is a statement of ... Read More

A Truly Beautiful Mind

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Chapter Summary The story follows the life of Albert Einstein and presents him as a fairly ordinary person like everyone else. The story perfectly catches glimpses of Einstein's likes and dislikes, his problems and his streaks of rebellion during his lifetime. This story outlines how great a person Einstein was along with a great scientist, physicist and mathematician in his lifetime. “A Truly Beautiful Mind” starts off by describing the early life and education of Albert Einstein, followed by his life choices and the journey of becoming one of the stalwarts of science in the world. This story allows ... Read More

The Fun They Had

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Chapter Summary The story The Fun They Had describes the future is going to be with the application of computers. The future will be excellent with the application of virtual reality. The virtual classroom helps in learning the actual syllabus through computer software. Moreover, this story is about the fun experience of two children named Tommy and Margie who have experienced the usefulness of the computerised book instead of reading the hard copies. This story also defines how a child who is learning through robots and computer get excited after knowing the ancient practices of school days from her grandparent. ... Read More