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Physical Properties of Amines

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 25-Apr-2023 11:35:03


Introduction Amines are chemical compounds that display a distinct set of physical properties that are associated with the connectivity with the carbon atom. This product is quite similar to that of ammonia in terms of structure. There are four different kinds of amines that are formed depending on the replacement of hydrogen atoms by ammonia molecules. What are Amines? Amines are chemical compounds that have a distinct set of properties associated with them. Amines are molecules as well as functional groups that are found in organic chemistry, the compound possesses a lone pair of basic nitrogen atoms. Amines are officially ... Read More

Uses of Amines

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 14-Apr-2023 14:25:28


Introduction Uses of amines refers to its applicability in textile industries, medicinal industries etc. Ammonia is the main source of amines and one of the known organic compounds. Various products are derived from ammonia and amine is one of them. Amine, as an organic compound acts as starting agent in the syntheses of other organic and inorganic products. What are amines? Amine is a type of chemical compound sourced from NH3 or ammonia. It belongs to the organic nitrogen compounds in its functional group containing a lone pair of nitrogen atoms. Alkaloids are consists of various degree of amines in ... Read More


Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 23-Jan-2023 16:31:34


Introduction The acid called Phthalimide is a compound that is very organic in nature. They are a part of a certain acid that makes for a part of phthalic anhydride. The formula of this acid is known as $\mathrm{C_6H_4(CO)_2NH}$. The source of this product helps to cover a source of ammonia What is Phthalimide? Phthalimide is a product that comes from the part of organic chemistry. This compound is slightly acidic in nature as it is a derivative of phthalic anhydride. The derivative is imide in nature as they are going to fall under the functional group of the organic compounds. ... Read More

Brown Ring Test

Updated on 13-Oct-2022 11:19:47


Introduction To begin, we need to understand the qualitative analysis of nitrate ions is performed through Brown Ring Experiment. The brown ring test is conducted by adding iron(II) sulphate to a nitrate solution, then slowly adding strong sulfuric acid until the acid forms a layer under the aqueous solution. The existence of the nitrate ion will be shown by the formation of a brown ring at the intersection of the two layers. This test will be hampered by the presence of nitrite ions. Preparation of Water Extract Water can dissolve all common nitrates, nitrites, thiosulphates and acetates. Confirmatory test for ... Read More

Chemical reaction of Amines Acylation Basicity

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 17-Apr-2023 12:24:52


Introduction Chemical properties of amines, basicity, and acylation of amines are considered for studying about amine compounds. Focusing on the certain compounds found in the organic chemistry, the present tutorial includes the definition of chemical properties of amine. The compound has single pair of electron and nitrogen atom attached with is called amine. This compound is considered the derivatives of ammonia, containing more than one hydrogen atoms. The alkyl or aryl group can replace these particular hydrogen atoms often. Based on these concepts, this tutorial discusses the chemical reactions are observed with amines. Basicity of Amines On a general ... Read More