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Zero Stroke: Meaning & Causes

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 20-Dec-2022 17:51:54
Suppose one subscribes to this line of thinking. In that case, the rapid rate of hyperinflation and the challenging computations required to maintain business as usual while it was in force are the root causes of the zero-stroke disorder. It was the primary symptom of the disease, and it was also the primary indicator that patients had the condition. The need to write ciphers, which are long lines of zeros, was also the main sign that a person had the condition. What is Zero Stroke? It is said that the price of a cup of coffee increased by a factor ... Read More

Subnormal, Supernormal and Paranormal in Abnormal Psychology

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 20-Dec-2022 17:49:17
Clinical psychology primarily examines the spectrum of behaviors that fall outside of the norm. Deviant or abnormal (statistically, morally, or otherwise) behavior has been studied and managed at length, with considerable cultural variation in the approaches taken. What exactly is meant by the term "abnormal" remains a central question in abnormal psychology, which seeks to determine the root of a wide range of conditions by drawing on various theoretical frameworks. The historical separation of psychological and biological explanations can be traced back to a philosophical dualism concerning the mind-body problem. Multiple attempts have been made to classify mental illnesses, and ... Read More

Meaning of 4 D’s in Abnormal Psychology

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 20-Dec-2022 17:46:55
Mental, emotional, and behavioral disintegration characterize dysfunction. To put it simply, it is a handicap. When depressed, people stop engaging in their usual activities and withdraw socially. Furthermore, he has a strong aversion to food. His indoor activities consist primarily of staying inside. He cannot take his eyes off the screen. Extreme distress is a state of extreme emotional distress. Stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and emotional upset are all caused by abnormal behaviors. When a child loses both parents, as in a plane crash or an earthquake, they are left with no one to comfort them through their grief. Chronic ... Read More

International Classification of Diseases

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 20-Dec-2022 17:43:32
An advanced surgical tool stores data enabling healthcare, like categorizing deaths and injury causes and documenting incidence and mortality. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) was developed to ensure consistency in medical records entering and leaving countries. After receiving patient reports, the World Health Organization's International Categorization of Diseases (ICD) assigns diagnostic codes based on the ICD's classification structure and the selection and modification guidelines (WHO). These coding rules favor categories, combine conditions, and systematically choose a single cause of death out of a reported sequence of conditions, all of which improve the usefulness of mortality statistics. The term "underlying ... Read More

Insanity Defense: Meaning & Applicability

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 20-Dec-2022 17:41:07
Feelings of guilt, innocence, blame, and punishment shapes the beliefs about responsibility. The Indian Constitution protects innocent citizens from human rights and freedom violations. It also provides a natural justice-based due process for those who cannot adequately defend themselves in court. Legal insanity absolves criminals whose mental illness prevents them from understanding the nature and consequences of their actions. Therefore, a person who cannot commit crimes should not be punished. Most advanced nations' laws reflect this. Section 84 of the Indian Penal Code discusses "acts of insanity" and the insanity defense (IPC). What is Insanity Defense? An affirmative defense by ... Read More

Dystonia: Causes & Treatment

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 20-Dec-2022 18:04:42
When reading the title, the first thought that might resonate with the meaning might be distortion. Extrapolating from that, we might encounter individuals finding a hard time focusing on their writing as their hand suddenly feels immobile or we are trying to speak but it’s just a squeaky whisper. This certainly feels beyond our control, right? What is Dystonia? Muscles contract uncontrollably due to the movement disorder dystonia. This may result in jerky or twisting motions. The basal ganglia, a deep region of the brain that aids in controlling motor coordination, exhibit aberrant function in dystonia. These parts of ... Read More

Psychodynamic Model of Abnormal Psychology

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 13-Dec-2022 13:45:21
Psychodynamic theorists see people as beings that are in conflict. They are interested in looking back on the past because, in their opinion, psychological difficulties are linked to early relationships and traumatic events that happened when they were children. The deterministic premise of psychodynamic theories holds that no symptom or behavior is "accidental" and that prior experiences influence all conduct. The Roots of the Psychodynamic Model The neurologist Sigmund Freud is credited with developing the psychodynamic model. First, Freud researched hypnosis and hysterical disorders with the help of Doctor Josef Breuer. Breuer is known for treating "Anna O., " a ... Read More

West Syndrome

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 13-Dec-2022 13:39:39
Infancy is a very tender age. The infant goes through many stages of physical and cognitive development. They are growing rapidly, and there are many milestones they need to go through. These milestones and developmental changes are very important. Sometimes, there can be incidences where some children display atypical muscle movements and epileptic episodes. What are these movements? What are the causes of these movements, and how can we treat them? What is West syndrome? William James West was the one who discovered a condition in infants that was marked by marked spasms in the body, delays in developmental ... Read More

Voyeuristic Disorder

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 13-Dec-2022 13:36:52
When a person's sexual thoughts or impulses are stoked by seeing another person engaging in sexual behavior while unconscious of being seen, this is known as voyeuristic behavior, this disorder is more frequent in males than in women. Usually, it manifests itself in early adulthood or adolescence. In and of itself, voyeurism does not constitute a mental health issue. When voyeurism becomes a problem in a person's life, they are preoccupied with the idea of violating another person without their permission, and this preoccupation causes them significant anguish. What is Voyeuristic Disorder? Paraphilia is a set of abnormal sexual ... Read More

Sleep Related Movement Disorders

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 13-Dec-2022 13:33:44
Ever felt something weird while sleeping? Sudden jerks while sleeping, of which you are aware of Sleeping with someone and waking up to find out that you moved your legs, but the person does not remember doing so? Hearing from other people about movements while sleeping, the other person is unaware that such things happened. Do sleep disorders exist, and are they harmful? Does a sleep disorder indicate some serious issue going on within your brain or body? How is sleep affected by neurological or biological changes? Why is there a need to understand the sleep cycle and its related ... Read More
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