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Difference between Eclipse and MyEclipse

Md. Sajid
Updated on 17-Aug-2023 13:35:42


Eclipse and MyEclipse are both popular integrated development environments (IDEs) used largely for Java development. While they have certain commonalities, they also have significant variances. Read this article to find out more about Eclipse and MyEclipse and how they are different from each other. What is Eclipse? Eclipse is a commonly used and well-known integrated development environment (IDE) that serves as a platform for developing diverse software applications. It was first released as an open-source project by IBM in November 2001 and was then transferred to the Eclipse Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of open-source software. ... Read More

Difference Between Annular Eclipse and Total Eclipse

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 25-Apr-2023 14:25:15


Solar eclipses are one of the most fascinating natural phenomena that occur in our solar system. During a solar eclipse, the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the Sun's light and casting a shadow on Earth. There are two types of solar eclipses: annular eclipses and total eclipses. While both types of eclipses are similar in many ways, there are also some key differences between them that are worth exploring in more detail. What is Total Eclipse? The understanding of the total eclipse is demystified by understanding the elliptical orbit of the moon on the planet Earth. ... Read More

Which Eclipse Plugin should be installed to work with Cucumber?

Debomita Bhattacharjee
Updated on 22-Nov-2021 09:40:22


We need to install the Natural plugin in Eclipse to work with Cucumber. To install it follow the below steps −Step 1 − Click on the Help menu in Eclipse, then select Eclipse MarketplaceStep2 − Enter Natural in the Find field and click on Go. Then click on Install.Step 3 − Proceed with the installation process.Step 4 − After installation is completed, click on the Restart Now button to restart Eclipse again.Step 5 − Again launch Eclipse, then click on the Help menu, then select Eclipse Marketplace. Enter Natural in the Find field and click on Go. Now, the Natural plugin shall be shown as ... Read More

JavaFX with eclipse.

Maruthi Krishna
Updated on 13-Apr-2020 11:38:30


To setup JavaFx in eclipse, first of all, make sure that you have installed eclipse and Java in your system successfully.Maven dependencyTo set up JavaFX environment using maven dependency, create a Java project in eclipse convert it into a maven project as shown below −Then in the pom.xml file add the following JavaFX dependency and refresh the project.    org.openjfx    javafx-controls    14 If you observe the Maven Dependencies directory you can find the installed Jar files as shown below −Adding required Jar files manuallyYou can also add the required JAR files manually, to do soVisit the JavaFX home ... Read More

Area of Largest rectangle that can be inscribed in an Ellipse?

Arnab Chakraborty
Updated on 20-Aug-2019 12:33:28


Here we will see the area of largest rectangle that can be inscribed in an ellipse. The rectangle in ellipse will be like below −The a and b are the half of major and minor axis of the ellipse. The upper right corner of the rectangle is (x, y). So the area isNow, after making this equation as f(x) and maximizing the area, we will get the area asExample#include #include using namespace std; float area(float a, float b) {    if (a < 0 || b < 0 ) //if the valuse are negative it is invalid   ... Read More

Area of a triangle inscribed in a rectangle which is inscribed in an ellipse?

sudhir sharma
Updated on 09-Aug-2019 06:52:46


For understanding this complex problem, let's do it in two parts. First we will find the dimensions of the rectangle and based on that we can find the area of a triangle inscribed in it.Using the equation of ellipse and differential calculus, mathematical formula for the area of a rectangle is,  area = 2ab, where 2a = major axis and 2b = minor axis.The largest triangle that can be inscribed in the rectangle, should stand on the same base & has height raising between the same parallel sides of the rectangle.The area of largest triangle inscribed within the rectangle is ... Read More

How to run JavaTuples program in Eclipse?

Amit Diwan
Updated on 22-Aug-2023 12:15:43


Tuples in Java are an ordered collection of objects of different types. To run Tuple in Java, you need to upload an external jar file. Here, we will be using Eclipse IDE to create a new Java Project and upload the JavaTuples external jar file.The JavaTuples jar file is to be downloaded. Let us first download the jar file, create an Eclipse project and import the downloaded jar file. Here are the steps −Step 1 − Download JavaTuples Jar library and save it on your system.Open the GitHib link and download the “” as shown below −After downloading, unzip and ... Read More

What is the best IDE for Java besides Eclipse?

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


IntelliJ and NetBeans are the alternative IDE’s for Java development.

What is Agentry Toolkit in SAP Mobile Platform SMP 3.0 SDK? How do you use it in an application?

Monica Mona
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


Agentry toolkit provides various SDK’s to integrate with the various mobile component. With Agentry toolkit, you have a plugin to Eclipse that allows you to create modify Agentry applications.To know more about Agentry toolkit, you can refer the below SAP link: