Are there any other ways I can improve my concentration other than the Rubic Cube?

Concentration is a state of being focused on the things you do. It also means that taking your mind off several things and focusing on one thing at a time. Although it is good that you have bought a Rubick cube, but there are other ways that can help you improve concentration.

Proper Sleep

The concentration requires your mind to be calm. Lack of rest or sleep will make your mind scatter and unnecessary thoughts to fill your mind like clouds fill the sky. Make sure that you get a good amount of sleep at the right time.

Make A Proper Plan

To avoid distractions, you need to make a clear plan which will help you devote all your attention towards one task instead of getting caught in activities like talking nuisance, wasting time watching television, playing candy crush, etc.

Take Breaks

Continuous work sitting at the same place can drive anyone whimsical. Go for breaks, even when you work. You may go outside, walk on grass barefoot or take a brisk walk alone or along with peers which will make you more active and engaged

Do Exercise

Exercising daily will help you to be physically fit and mentally fit too. Concentration will be more difficult when you are tired and unhealthy. As said, “a healthy mind stays in a healthy body”, so keep your body fit and it will even resonate in the activities you take up.


Meditation is one of the greatest techniques for concentration enhancement and mental relaxation. Meditate at least five minutes daily or as per your own available time, it will raise your concentration levels and improve mental health too.

PS: It must be known that improved concentration is needed not only for students but for everyone as it leads to the increased quality of work and productivity as well.