Are there any other healthy teas along with green tea?

With the growing focus on health, scientists have discovered some varieties of teas which are naturally healthy. Depending on the method of drying and the type of leaf used, such healthy teas are made available in various colors and flavors. The scientific name for tea leaf is Camellia Sinensis.

Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is the rarest and costlier tea, which is prepared by using very tender leaves from the tea plantations grown on the hills of Huangshan mountain range of China.

This is made through a slow process of oxidation and is rich in antioxidants which prevents cholesterol and cancer. This tea also avoids liver problems and improves appetite and psychological fitness.

Purple Tea

If you need a tea with low caffeine content and high medicinal benefits, go for Camellia Assamica, which is simply called as Purple Tea.

The agricultural scientists of Kenya have developed this exceptionally healthy tea, which contains Andhosinensis and powerful anti-oxidants which -

  • Control the Sugar levels in the blood
  • Controls the Cholesterol levels
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Improves Eye-sight
  • Its flavonoids protect nerves and nervous system
  • Its the flavins quench the insatiable thirst
  • Reduces heart ailments and controls
  • diabetes by reducing oxidative stress

White Tea

Don’t mistake the leaves to be white, following its name. this white tea is made with tender leaflets which are simply dried without any kind of processing.

It has a very light color and odor. It has a low amount of caffeine and is rich in phytochemicals than in black and green tea and thus helpful in reducing cold and fever. It also provides dental care.

Red Tea

The Red tea leaf doesn’t belong to the tea family but has many health benefits as well. The Rooibos plant leaves are brewed to make this red tea, which can also be added to milk and is healthy and attractive.

This Red tea reduces a headache, sleeplessness, Asthma, Eczema, Bone weakness, Hypertension, and Allergies. Containing no caffeine, Red tea is rich in tannins, which is useful for the patients having stones.

  • Relieves of stomach ache in kids

  • This tea delays aging effect in adults

  • This tea provides freshness and relief for Asthma patients

  • Helpful in the prevention of blood pressure caused by stress

  • Polyphenols present in red tea, prevent the release of harmful free radicals in the body

Even there are more to go with from the health point of view....!