Are kids more socially skillful than we adults?

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It’s been almost a week since I shifted to our new apartment where I see a girl who steps out of her adobe only once in a day and that too to drop her cousin in the morning when her school bus arrives at the main gate of our community. Since my heart had already started beating for the girl, I started looking for ways to meet her and initiate a conversation but was not really able to find a way out.

All of sudden, I realized that one of the kids of my uncle’s family, which stays in the same building, coincidently, goes to the same school and I started dropping him in order to seek some 'auspicious occasion' where I can talk to her.


However, my kiddo started talking to his match the moment they met without any formal introduction. You know what he said to her when first saw her,

“Hey, Bhaiya sees that Avengers 2 water bottle. I also want it.” Indicating towards the water bottle hanging around the neck of the girl with a strap.

The little girl also got alarmed and replied,

“This is my birthday gift. See, I got two tattoo stickers along with this. Nice na?”

And these two birds go on chirping while I am yet to start my first chapter. Alas!

Published on 10-Dec-2018 07:39:35