Are Eggs Keto?

Definitely yes, eggs are keto since they follow the basic keto principles. Eggs contain healthy fats along with beneficial protein and are low in carbs. Both egg yolks and whites are good too. The nutrients are mostly found in the egg yolk. Only those with high cholesterol should be wary of eggs. Olive or avocado oils are excellent cooking media. Imagine the variety of dishes possible with eggs.

The egg composition

Though not zero carbs, a big egg may contain 0.6 grams of carbs. What else? According to an authority, an egg has 78 calories, 6.2 g protein, 5.0 g fat, 0.60 g carbohydrates, 64.9 mg sodium, 0.6 g sugar, and 187 mg of cholesterol.

Aim for the keto diet

Inducing ketosis in the body is the target of the keto diet. If glucose is lacking in the body for making ketone bodies, the fat is used. Fat in the keto diet brings fullness with less appetite. Less eating results in weight loss. Consuming more eggs will be a benefit in several ways.

Get rid of body fat through the creation of ketone bodies. The result is slimmer, fitter looks with trim waistlines.

Weight loss results from the lessened appetite from the keto diet. The egg diet can drastically reduce appetite. Consuming lesser calories along with exercising regularly will result in speeded-up weight loss.

If the body stops insulin response, the result is higher blood sugar, and the heart and pancreas stand at risk. With an egg-based diet, sugar intake is reduced. Insulin resistance risk is less and enhanced fitness is the result.

What exactly is a keto diet?

Results may take some time in some cases but most can feel the difference in well-being and overall health almost immediately. The keto diet aims to reduce carbs in the diet and introduce healthy fats for many good reasons.

  • The mind is sharp and alert for a longer duration. Research suggests that ketosis may prevent or reduce Alzheimer’s disease.

  • When the body burns fat for energy, ketosis is achieved, and weight loss results.

  • Blood sugar becomes stable with fewer risks of inflammation.

  • In ketosis, hunger reduces due to hormones such as ghrelin and neuropeptides.

A slim healthy body through an egg fast

For the millions desperate to lose weight, a keto diet works wonders but needs to be properly followed. Don’t forget to eat enough fiber to maintain healthy intestines. A powerful and healthy body is on the way. Jimmy Moore invented the egg-fast diet in 2010. Along with fatty foods, some proteins are also consumed. Carbs are minimized, failing which the ketosis state will not be achieved. Instead of glucose, fat is burned for energy in ketosis.

Adhere to the following −

  • Local eggs are preferable

  • A boiled egg without frying will need no oil which contains bad cholesterol

  • Eat a minimum of 6 whole eggs each day

  • Consumption of the first egg should be within 30 minutes of rising

  • Along with the egg, eat healthy fat such as butter

  • Eat nothing for 3 hours before bedtime

  • Eat the whole egg that includes the yolks and whites

  • Repeat the egg-centered small meal every few hours

  • Take at least one tablespoon of healthy fat along with each egg

  • Full-fat cheese is a good alternative

  • Continue the routine over 3 or 5 days, avoiding longer than 5 days


The egg diet can last for 5 days, ample time to get into ketosis. For longer than 5 days, risks could occur like deficient nutrition and constipation, among others. If an egg allergy exists, avoid it. Vegans may not like the egg diet. Diabetes and cholesterol patients too have to avoid excessive eggs.

What else to eat along with eggs?

Salads in sandwiches are excellent choices. Salads contain lots of nutrients. Smoothies from fruits like watermelon, grapes, pineapples, and mangoes too contain little carbohydrates and lots of fiber. Avocado and almonds, chia and flax seeds, blackberries, and blueberries are also low-carb and high fiber.

Get to know eggs better

An extensive range of yummy dishes is possible with eggs, starting with the breakfast menu. They are inexpensive and easily available everywhere. Convenient and easy to boil or cook, eggs contain iron and other minerals in addition to healthy fats and protein. Filling as snacks, eggs supply lutein that helps the heart and eyes. Natural Vitamin D, zinc for immunity, and phosphorus for teeth and bones. Vitamin A is good for the eyes too. A large egg supplies ample choline for the brain.

Though eggs from different fowl breeds come in various shades, the benefits are similar. Darker yolks indicate that the hen ate a variety of insects and plants. Older hens lay bigger eggs. Pasteurized eggs undergo a heating process and require fridge storage.

Keto diet risks

The fasting tradition has been followed down the centuries like on religious occasions. Fasting is said to cleanse the body and give the digestive system some much-needed rest. For those who are used to ample carbs in the diet, a sudden loss of carbs in the egg fast may lead to nutritional deficiencies. Without glucose that normally burns to create energy, the body uses fat to make ketones for energy. The keto diet decreases fat and thus weight loss occurs. Research indicates that keto diets are more effective at weight reduction than other low-carb, low-fat diets.

Is 3 to 5 days sufficient time for ketosis to take place? Ketosis may need a longer duration like a week or 10 days. The egg diet restricts the food items to reduce carbs for losing weight. The results of the egg fast may differ from person to person. Age and gender, starting weight are some factors along with the total food consumption. It is commonly believed that about 2 kilograms would be shed within 3-5 days of egg-fasting.

Medical science and research have changed many conventional beliefs. Eggs were earlier looked at with suspicion for patients. Nowadays many exceptionally good properties are attached to eggs. They lie within everybody’s reach and are accepted as very healthy with low carbs. For the obese, here is a natural cost-effective method of losing weight. Make a decision. Launch the mighty simple weapon called eggs to reap great benefits. A diverse variety of yummy dishes makes use of eggs in several forms like in breakfast dishes. They can be stored for a long time and are loved by every age group.

Updated on: 30-Jan-2023


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