Apache NiFi - Reporting Task

Apache NiFi reporting tasks are similar to the controller services, which run in the background and send or log the statistics of NiFi instance. NiFi reporting task can also be accessed from the same page as controller settings, but in a different tab.

Reporting Task

To add a reporting task, a developer needs to click on the plus button present at the top right hand side of the reporting tasks page. These reporting tasks are mainly used for monitoring the activities of a NiFi instance, in either the bulletins or the provenance. Mainly these reporting tasks uses Site-to-Site to transport the NiFi statistics data to other node or external system.

Let us now add a configured reporting task for more understanding.


This reporting task is used to generate bulletins, when a memory pool crosses specified percentage. Follow these steps to configure the MonitorMemory reporting task −

  • Add in the plus sign and search for MonitorMemory in the list.

  • Select MonitorMemory and click on ADD.

  • Once it is added in the main page of reporting tasks main page, click on the configure icon.

  • In the properties tab, select the memory pool, which you want to monitor.

  • Select the percentage after which you want bulletins to alert the users.

  • Start the reporting task.