Apache NiFi - Environment Setup

In this chapter, we will learn about the environment setup ofApache NiFi. The steps for installation of Apache NiFi are as follows −

Step 1 − Install the current version of Java in your computer. Please set theJAVA_HOME in your machine. You can check the version as shown below:

In Windows Operating System (OS) (using command prompt) −

> java -version

In UNIX OS (Using Terminal):

$ echo $JAVA_HOME

Step 2 − DownloadApache NiFi from https://nifi.apache.org/download.html

Step 3 − The installation process for Apache NiFi is very easy. The process differs with the OS −

  • Windows OS − Unzip the zip package and the Apache NiFi is installed.

  • UNIX OS − Extract tar file in any location and the Logstash is installed.

$tar -xvf nifi-1.6.0-bin.tar.gz

Step 4 − Open command prompt, go to the bin directory of NiFi. For example, C:\nifi-1.7.1\bin, and execute run-nifi.bat file.


Step 5 − It will take a few minutes to get the NiFi UI up. A user cancheck nifi-app.log, once NiFi UI is up then, a user can enter http://localhost:8080/nifi/ to access UI.