Apache NiFi - Queues

The Apache NiFi data flow connection has a queuing system to handle the large amount of data inflow. These queues can handle very large amount of FlowFiles to let the processor process them serially.

Queuing System

The queue in the above image has 1 flowfile transferred through success relationship. A user can check the flowfile by selecting the List queue option in the drop down list. In case of any overload or error, a user can also clear the queue by selecting the empty queue option and then the user can restart the flow to get those files again in the data flow.

List Queue

The list of flowfiles in a queue, consist of position, UUID, Filename, File size, Queue Duration, and Lineage Duration. A user can see all the attributes and content of a flowfile by clicking the info icon present at the first column of the flowfile list.

Flowfile Details