Apache NiFi - Process Groups

In Apache NiFi, a user can maintain different data flows in different process groups. These groups can be based on different projects or the organizations, which Apache NiFi instance supports.

Process Group

The fourth symbol in the menu at the top of the NiFi UI as shown in the above picture is used to add a process group in the NiFi canvas. The process group named “Tutorialspoint.com_ProcessGroup” contains a data flow with four processors currently in stop stage as you can see in the above picture. Process groups can be created in hierarchical manner to manage the data flows in better structure, which is easy to understand.

Data Flow

In the footer of NiFi UI, you can see the process groups and can go back to the top of the process group a user is currently present in.

To see the full list of process groups present in NiFi, a user can go to the summary by using the menu present in the left top side of the NiFi UI. In summary, there is process groups tab where all the process groups are listed with parameters like Version State, Transferred/Size, In/Size, Read/Write, Out/Size, etc. as shown in the below picture.

NiFi Summary