Abdominal Pain: Is It Appendicitis or Something Else?

An appendix is a small finger-like structure in the form of a pouch that helps generate poops and is connected to the large intestine. Though the appendix is counted as an organ, it is not that important for the body; sometimes, it causes tremendous pain for which it might need to be operated on. In one-word appendix is nothing but functionless.

Now questions might arise what is Appendicitis? -To this the answer is Appendicitis is a painful condition in which the appendix gets filled with blood and pus, which causes a tremendous amount of pain.

Appendicitis occurs when the blockage occurs in the lining of the appendix, and infection occurs; this is mainly a bacterial infection that slowly will multiply and divide and will infect the whole appendix leading to infection and pain in the tummy.

What is Abdominal Pain?

The abdominal region, commonly known as the tummy region, is the space between the chest and pelvis. Its primary function is to hold the organs of the body. The organs such as the small intestine, large intestine, and stomach are held fast by it. Abdominal pain is referred to as pain between the chest and groin. The groin is where the thighs meet the abdomen; the upper thighs meet the lower abdomen. Abdominal pain is quite painful; it gives a tendency like chewing, burning, stabbing, and beating in the part of the belly. Abdominal pain brings

Abdominal pain can be checked by placing the sufferer on a flatbed and slowly applying pressure on the abdominal wall. Palpation is given where the upper hand is used to pressure the belly top, and the lower hand can feel the pain.

Symptoms of Abdominal Pain Include

  • Bloodstained Stool

  • Severe Fever

  • Reckless Pain

  • The abdomen becomes tender when one touches it

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • The abdomen becomes swelled up

  • Weight loss

Appendicitis is a condition that occurs in the lower right side of the abdomen. Still, for most people, it occurs in the naval area and then slowly shifts to Appendicitis, mainly due to inflammation of the appendix. However, all abdominal pain is not Appendicitis. The symptoms such as the early common flu, indigestion in the gastrointestinal tract, food poisoning, or pelvic condition cause abdominal pain.

How can we know that the Pain is Appendicitis?

This type of Appendicitis pain generally occurs in the middle of the belly region or tummy region, but after some time, it vanishes; after a few hours, this pain will start moving from the center to the lower right corner, causing pain; this is the main symptom of Appendicitis.

This pain, as a result of this, stops and remains stagnant there and does not move. This pain increases when one applies pressure in the belly or tummy area, walking or talking, and specially coughing. This pain increases tremendously.

Although we know all abdominal pain is not Appendicitis, we can say long-staying deep pain may be an eye-opener for Appendicitis. Pain in your tummy is not necessarily the condition that you have Appendicitis. This pain may last for about 36-72 hours before it ruptures; it is recommended to cut off the part before it ruptures so that it does not become life-threatening.

A life-threatening infection occurs if it ruptures or bursts on its own. It is pretty important information to know that if it is an acute infection, then antibiotics might help recover the Appendicitis. Still, if it is severe, it is recommended to have surgery cause the appendix is not so important for the normal functioning of the body and is not a vital organ but neglecting it can cause severe problems. It is not that there are two appendices; there is only one appendix, and there is no chance of it growing back. It can be triggered when bacterial infection, viral infection, and parasites are caused in it, or sometimes this can be stopped when stool does not pass off well or traps the stool.

Thus, abdominal pain is not Appendicitis; it is a chronic condition. The abdomen binds several organs together pain anywhere in any organ indirectly affects the appendix, be it any pain that should be taken care of pretty well cause keeping pain for a long time may increase severity in the process. It can cut a life-threatening activity, so we must take care of these issues wisely.