A Triumph of Surgery


‘A Triumph of Surgery’, written by James Alfred Wight, is about a little dog, Tricki who was spoiled and indulged with unhealthy treats by his rich mistress, Mrs Pumphrey. Before long, the dog becomes sick and is taken by the veterinarian, Mr Herriot to a clinic for therapy and his well-being. It describes how the owner shows love for her dog through excessive eating which becomes the cause of his illness.


The story begins when Mrs Pumphrey takes Tricki for a stroll. A close veterinary notices Tricki and is stunned by his plumped body. He encourages her to quit overfeeding him yet she can't deny him.

Before long Tricki falls debilitated and the specialist is called. The storyteller, Mr Herriot then in some way takes Tricki to the medical clinic although he realizes that Mrs Pumphrey can’t keep her dog out of sight. Tricki was lethargic for a few days. On a day, he glances around and whines a little. Subsequently, he went out and began playing with the bigger dogs.

Soon his condition began improving. He began battling for his feasts with different canines. When Mrs Pumphrey heard it, she began sending him eggs as she felt that Tricki was recuperating from disease and required energy food sources. Mr Herriot and his accomplices began eating those eggs. Then, to work on Tricki's blood, Mrs Pumphrey began sending wine which was again consumed by Mr Herriot. Mr Herriot felt that he might truly want to keep Tricki and felt blissful because of his presence and his bounties. However, he took a shrewd choice and called up Mrs Pumphrey as she was stressed and Tricki was fit to be brought back home. Tricki was rejoiced to see his maiden and bounced into the vehicle. Mrs Pumphrey said that she is grateful to him and that his medical procedure had been fruitful as Tricki was relieved.


The story shows what would happen if we eat more than required out of pleasure or greed. An overdose of something that is otherwise good means an extreme sum that becomes overpowering or hurtful, instead of accommodating or pleasurable. In limited quantities, the thing might work out great for you; in enormous sums, the thing is destructive or a weight.

Questions and Answers

Q. What kind of a person do you think the narrator, a veterinary surgeon, is?

Ans. The storyteller, a veterinarian, is an able and shrewd specialist. He treated Tricki appropriately. He doesn't work on the dog pointlessly and fixes him by adjusting his eating regimen and exercises.

He is a thoughtful individual as he was aware of precisely how to persuade Mrs Pumphrey to hospitalize Tricki. His choice to illuminate Mrs Pumphrey to gather Tricki upholds his sensibilities although he was enticed to keep Tricki as a long-lasting visitor.

Q. Do you think Tricki was happy to go home? What do you think will happen now?

Ans. Tricki was glad to return home as he truly adored his guardian and the solace of his sumptuous life. He had no companions at home like in the medical clinic, yet he appeared to be similarly energized at seeing Mrs Pumphrey. I feel that Mrs Pumphrey will be cautious about Tricki's eating routine and well-being. She may likewise give him a workout as recommended by the vet before.

Q. Do you think it is a real-life episode, fiction or is it a mixture of both?

Ans. The story is by all accounts a combination of both. Rich people could be able to overload their pets because of adoration. It is normal for them to keep a tremendous closet for them by the same token. In any case, it is improbable for a veterinary specialist to make a special effort and lie to save a creature. It is likewise uncommon for anybody to devour food which is given for the sake of a pet's well-being.

Q. This episode describes the silly behaviour of a rich woman who is foolishly indulgent. Do you think such people are merely silly or can their actions cause harm to others?

Ans. Mrs Pumphrey's activities had a hurtful response on Tricki's health. She was over pampering Tricki for the sake of adoration. This deteriorated his condition to a degree that lead to hospitalisation. Individuals like Mrs Pumphrey are senseless as well as their activities can have risky ramifications for other people.

Q. Do you think there are parents like Mrs Pumphrey?

Ans. Indeed, there are guardians like Mrs Pumphrey who ruin their kids by spoiling them. They overload them regardless of monitoring the unsafe consequences.

Q. What would you have done if you were in the narrator’s place?

Ans. If I was in the storyteller's place, I would shower Tricki with solace and love. I would have been similarly mindful as Mr James Herriot and somewhat strident while encouraging Mrs Pumphrey about Tricki’s eating regimen knowing her approach to showing love. I would have likewise not consumed Tricki's eggs and wine.


Q. Why does Mrs Pumphrey think the dog’s recovery is ‘A triumph of Surgery’?

Ans. Mrs Pumphrey feels that Tricki's recuperation is a victory over the medical procedure since his disease was intense with not very many opportunities for Tricki to cope. In this way, his restoration was an extraordinary accomplishment, as per her

Q. Why is ‘Health more important than Wealth’?

Ans. If a person has good health, then he has overall well-being. Having only wealth does not necessarily mean the same.

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