Using HTML control and SAPUI5 controls and advantages of using UI5 controls over HTML controls

Here are answers to your questions:

  • a) Can we use both SAPUI5 and HTML controls at the same time or is it better to use SAPUI5 alone?
  • The best practice would be to use SAPUI5 alone. If there are any controls, that you are not able to find in SAPUI5, then you can use HTML controls along with them. Also, it is advisable to keep looking for latest version of SAPUI5 as each release have new functions and control which may be useful for you.
  • b) I found some controls in SAPUI5 which are already present in HTML. So what is the advantage of these controls over HTML?
  • SAPUI5 controls are generally developed by wrapping the standard controls. The wrapper code provides you with more functionality from a business perspective and you can have better control as well. So these definitely have an edge over standard controls in HTML.
  • c) Does the SAPUI5 control get converted to HTML5? If yes then at what stage this is done?
  • You will find render Manager with render method for every control. These convert SAPUI5 control to HTML.
  • d) Can JQuery be a better option as compared to SAPUI5?
  • Both JQuery and SAPUI5 work on the JavaScript-based framework. SAPUI5 is basically intended to develop applications that are related to other SAP products. These applications can be developed at a very fast pace as compared to JQuery.