Advantages of using MySQLi over MySQL?

MySQLi is also known as MySQL improved Extension. It is a relational SQL database management system. It is often used inside PHP to provide an interface with the MySQL databases.

Some of the reasons why MySQLi is famous are given below −

  • MySQLi uses the standard form of the SQL language.

  • MySQLi is free as it is released under an open source license.

  • MySQLi can be easily used with PHP which is the most famous language for web development.

  • MySQLi is a very powerful language and it can handle the functionality of powerful database packages.

  • MySQLi can work with multiple languages such as C, C++, JAVA, PHP etc.

MySQLi has many advantages over MySQL. Some of these are given as follows −

  • MySQLi supports both procedural interfaces and object oriented interfaces while MySQL supports only procedural interfaces.

  • MySQLi supports stored procedure but MySQL does not.

  • There is enhanced security and improved debugging features in MySQLi where this is comparatively lagging in MySQL.

  • MySQLi supports prepared statements but MySQL does not.

  • Transactions are supported through API in MySQLi but they ae handled hrough queries only in SQL.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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