Traditional Computing vs Mobile Computing

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Mobile Computing deals with human computer interaction using mobile devices. It contains mobile hardware and software as well as mobile computing devices. A mobile computing infrastructure usually uses ad-hoc networks and communication protocols. This is considerably different than a traditional computing structure as it uses fixed topology and protocols.

An image describing mobile computing architecture is as follows −

Mobile Computing Architecture

As seen above, the mobile computing architecture contains various mobile devices such as mobile phones,mobile tablets, laptops etc. These devices are connected to the mobile network which is a part of the internet. All the data is linked to cloud computing data storage.

Principles of Mobile Computing

The various principles that form the basis of mobile computing are −


The devices connected to the mobile computing system should be portable. They may have limited capability and low power, but portability is a prerequisite for mobile computing.


All the mobile devices should have the ability to stay connected with as little downtime as possible. This affects the Quality of Service of the system.


All the devices in the mobile network should be able to interact with each other. They should be able to send and receive data as required.


The mobile system should consider each device individually and cater to their needs as well as obtain relevant information about them.

Differences Between Traditional Computing and Mobile Computing

The major differences between traditional computing and mobile computing are as follows −

  • Traditional computing networks use direct cable connections and are much faster than mobile computing networks which are wireless.
  • Security is a big concern in mobile computing as it is much more difficult to provide it over wireless systems than wired ones.
  • Mobile devices need to conserve power and depend on their battery if no charging spot is nearby. This problem does not arise in traditional computing systems.
  • Traditional computer systems have less transmission problems as they use cables. On the other hand, mobile signals may be disrupted due to weather, terrain, location etc.
  • Traditional computing devices such as computer are much easier to use for humans. Compared to them, mobile devices such as smartphones have smaller screens, smaller keyboards etc. and so are more difficult for extended usage.
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