SAP UI5 framework and comparison with JQuesry and Backbone, Angular, etc.

The SAPUI5 framework is the original version of the SAP toolkit which was released initially. This version of the toolkit is a proprietary version. Later SAP released an Open source version of it named OpenUI5. Functionally it is almost equivalent in terms of basic operations negating few features but overall sufficient enough as a UI framework.

This UI5 framework (applies to both SAPUI5 and OpenUI5) is capable of dispensing all major tasks expected from a full-fledged UI framework. 

It supports following features:

  • Model View Controller architecture
  • Routing engine
  • Modules with the help of module loaders
  • Full data binding either in XML, JSON or using web services
  • Culture invariant or Internationalization
  • Various controls libraries

Also, it uses jQuery as a part of the framework and uses it in various components. It’s not a framework for replacing jQuery.

Coming up to pros and cons of the framework, it is a too vast question to answer but in UI5 as a framework has evolved a lot of support for many existing standards.

karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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